2023 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 5

The final Winter Mid-Range Prone League match for 2023, match #5 attacted eleven (11) Shooters.

High Any Rifle was James Stewart with a 395-20. High F-Open was Mike Ruhlman with a 399-20 (winning on a tie breaker with his second twenty shots clean over Nick Nadenoff). High (and only) F-TR was Jeremy Jahr with a 387-10. High Palma Rifle was Ray Gross with a 399-19. Lastly Tom Feige was high Service Rifle with a 385-14.

2023 WMRP Match 5

Although this was the last Winter Mid-Range Match for 2023, the Suburban Mid-Range starts on May 6, 2023.  Program is:  2023 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League 2.

Additionally, the Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship will be held at Midland on May 20, 2023.  Program is:  2023 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship 2.  Please enter this match at:  MRPA Website.

2022-2023 Snow Country Shoot-Off Results

Final Results:

Last Name First Name Type First Second Aggregate
Solomon Bret F-Class 635.2 636.7 1271.9
Bollinger Marcel F-Class 629.7 630.5 1260.2
Weinrich James F-Class 626.4 631.9 1258.3
Zwart Cameron Sling 613.4 612.9 1226.3
Sarchett Timothy Sling 607.0 609.0 1216.0
Remsynder Larry Sling 609.0 601.0 1210.0
Duda Gary Sling 608.4 597.0 1205.4

Congratulations to Bret Solomon the F-Class Champion and to Cameron Zwart the Any Sight Sling Champion.

Award checks were mailed on April 18, 2023.

2023 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Match 4

Nine (9) competitors came out for the fourth Winter Mid-Range Prone Championship.

We had four (4) F-Open shooters lead by Don Hicks with a 396-10X.  Two (2) Service Rifle shooters lead by Kyle Matzelle with a 392-20X.  Then there were a group of cats and dogs with one each:  Ray Gross 394-13X with Palma, Mike Quillinan with a  384-7X with Any Rifle, and Charles Hayes with a 390-10X shooting F-TR.

2023 WMRP Match 42023 WMRP Match 4

The last Winter Mid-Range prone match will be held on April 29, 2023. Great time to tune up for the summer matches.

2022-2023 Snow Country Shoot-Off

The Snow Country Shoot-Off for the 2022-2023 season will be held at the Jackson County Sportsman’s Club, 500 Mantle, Jackson, Michigan on Saturday, April 15, 2023.  The range will open around 8:00 AM, and firing will commence by 9:00 AM.

2023 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 3 Results

Nine (9) competitors turned out for the April Fool’s Day Winter Mid-Range League at the Midland County Sportsman’s Club.

We had three (3) F-Open, two (2) F-TR, two (2) Service Rifle, one (1) Palma, and one (1) Any Rifle.  The high F-Open was Dave Monette with a 395-20X. High F-TR was Jeremy Jahr with a 370-4X. High Service Rifle was Kyle Matzelle 387-12X. High Palma (and only) was Ray Gross with a 387-15X. High Any Rifle (and only) was Roger Franklin with a 370-11X.

2023 WMRP Match 3

The next Winter Mid-Range will be held on April 15, 2023.

2022-2023 Snow Country Final Shoot-Off Competitors

Dave Strycharz F-Class Prone 2557.8
Ed Gostomski F-Class Prone 2548.8
Bret Solomon F-Class Prone 2544.8
Marcel Bollinger F-Class Prone 2539.7
Jim Weinrich F-Class Prone 2536.9
Steve Goyette F-Class Prone 2534.9
Steve Jones F-Class Prone 2529.6
Jim Kampman F-Class Prone 2511.9
Mark Javit F-Class Prone 2503.1
Kelley Neeley F-Class Prone 2460.9
Dale Doornbos F-Class Prone 2455.9
Jay Baker F-Class Prone 1200.7
Donald Hicks F-Class Prone 628.4
Cameron Zwart Sling Prone 2491.9
Jamie Root Sling Prone 2473.6
Gary Duda Sling Prone 2469.2
Timothy Sarchett Sling Prone 2453.2
Leo Cebula Sling Prone 2441.7
Larry Remsnyder Sling Prone 2410.8
Richard Pardini Sling Prone 2371.6
Arlyn Doornbos Sling Prone 2353.3
Steve Fenske Sling Prone 2310.5
Dan Altman Sling Prone 1230.7
Carl Fausze Sling Prone 1154.7
Charlie Reynolds Sling Prone 1153.9

Competitors in Blue have qualified for the 2022-2023 Shoot-Off to be held at the Jackson Sportsman’s Club on April 15, 2023.