Winter Mid-Range Prone League Match 1 Results

Frankly, the weather was wonderful.  Just plain wonderful.  You could not believe it was February.  Well, except for the ice:

First time in my life that I wore ice crampons to shoot a rifle match.  Wasn’t necessary on the line, but on the back of the firing mound, it was slippery from the unmelted ice.

For an early winter match we had a fair turn-out:  six shooters.








Then we had some education, between Ray Gross and Bret Solomon.  This revolved around how to deploy a Lab Radar to pick up the velocity of the bullet.   They were successful (which puts ’em ahead of me, I still haven’t got mine working).








Finally, we did shoot:

2017 WMRP – Match 1

No comments on the performance.  Its still the middle of winter in Michigan, and everyone was guessing about loads, and trying to remember to sight with right or left eye…..

The Winter League program (2×600) is here:   2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program


2017 Summer Schedule

We have established the following dates for the 2017 summer season:

Suburban Mid-Range Prone League:  May 6, June 10, July 15, August 12, September 23, October 14.

Annual Foul Weather:  November 25

Fullbore State Championship:  May 17

Mid-Range State Championship:  September 2

All of those matches are listed in the “Events” tab on this site, with their programs.

Remember, every weekend in March and April is shown as a potential shoot for the Winter Mid-Range league.  We will announce on every Friday whether the match will be held on the following Saturday or not.