Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match Results

“Weather shows over 30 degrees F at 10:00 AM and only minor windchill.  So, load up some ammo, grab your gear, say good-bye to the in-laws, and come on out!  Be sure to dress warmly!”

The weatherman was a liar.  I suspect it got over 30 by the time we finished, but before that it was just plain cold.  Like damn cold.

However, we had seven (7) shooters, four (4) F-Class, and three (3) Sling.  It may be a sign of the apocalypse, but John Pierce shot this match with a Palma Rifle. Yeah, really with a sling and everything.  He didn’t get the sling on his arm correctly at first, but finally caught on.  I suspect this will be like my trips to Grayling.  You have to go every 3-5 years just to remember why you don’t go.

Had a couple of good scores during the match, Doug Boyer, firing a .223 F-TR Rifle fired a 400-18X.  Chris Whitney fired a 395-19X with a couple of any rifles (sling).  Given the frozen fingers, both scores were outstanding.  With the lack of cleans with F-TR, Doug’s score is doubly impressive.

2015 Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match Results

On a closing note, hopefully everyone noticed that MSU beat PSU 55-16 to win the East Division of the Big Ten in football.  Off to the Big Ten Championship next weekend.  The other Michigan team lost (I was politically correct here, and didn’t refer to them as the AA from Ann Arbor).  Go Green!

Electronic Targets at Midland

The Board of Directors at the Midland County Sportsman’s Club approved the purchase of five (5) Silver Mountain Targets during their November meeting.  As a result the club is providing a deposit to Stallings Machine (the Right Sight people and importers of the Silver Mountain Targets).

We would expect delivery and deployment in time for the summer league in 2016. Perhaps before.

Watch for more details here…..

2015 BSA Halloween Charity Match

The 2015 BSA Halloween Charity Match was conducted on November 7, 2015 at the Midland County Sportsman’s Club in Midland, Michigan.  The normal Halloween date was postponed due to the F-Class Nationals, which just completed.

It was a cold, windy day, top temperature was in the high forties, but a good deal of gusty wind chilled the competitors.  Several shooters had weird shots appear a good distance off call for a shot or two, and then end up back in the “X” without a change.  Just an odd day.  However, it was still better than working….

The F-TR winner was Doug Boyer with a 590-12X, with John Luitink winning the Any Rifle category with a 593-29X.

With the contributions of Solomon Diving, the Midland County Sportsman’s Club, and the Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association more than $600 was contributed to the Venture Crew.

2015 Halloween BSA Charity Match Final