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It was a pleasant, if a little cool September morning.  The winds were certainly present, and did cause some difficultly, but were not terrible.  We had seventeen (17) competitors and finished by Noon.

A few photos showing the shade we had in the early morning and Dave Monett's first string.

The highs by rifle type:  Marcel Bollinger, 597-38X, High F-Open.  Ed Gostomski, 576-23X, High F-TR, Leo Cebula, 588-16X, High Palma Rifle, John Luitink, 581-23X, High Any rifle, Kyle Matzelle, 577-18X, High Service Rifle.

Complete results:

2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 4

Our next match will be the last of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone Matches for 2021, it is scheduled for October 9, 2021.  Program is here: 2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League.

Remember, we have the Halloween BSA Charity Shoot on October 23, 2021.  Program is here: 2021 Halloween BSA Charity Match.

September 5, 2021 was a somewhat dreary, overcast day, but with relatively gentle conditions.  Once again, we filled the line with thirty-two (32) competitors.

For any rifle the winner was Matthew WIeczorek with a score of 593-20X.  For F-Open we had a contest.  The F-Open was won by Marcel Bollinger with a score of 598-40X, followed by Bret Solomon with a 597-40X, and Dave Monette with a score of 596-30.

For F-TR the winner is Larry Remsnyder with a 592-31X, and finally Palma rifle was won by Raymond Gross with a 597-30X.

We did have two service rifle shooters, of which Jason Quayle was high with a 580-18.

2021 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship Results

Our next match is September 19, 2021 at the Midland Sportsman's Club:  2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League



An F-Class target with the X-Ring blown out. Courtesy of Dave Strycharz, and Jim Weinrich.

Well, it was an interesting day.  The weather guessers said it would be overcast and cool.  They were pretty much correct except the the last minute torrential down pour that was forecasted.  So we waited, and Ray Gross stood up and said "Let it be dry".  The storm split and went on either side of us, and we only felt a little drizzle.  Well, the part about the storm going around us is true, I made up the part about Ray causing it.

In general the day had gentle conditions for the thirteen (13) shooters who came out.  We had five (5) Any Rifle shooters (combination of Palma, any rifle, and service rifle), representing the "sling" shooters, and eight (8) F-Open Shooters.

The high F-Open shooter was Ed Gostomski with a 592-30X.  Interestingly, we had two other F-Open 592's.  Dave Strycharz and 29X, and Jim Weinrich with 24X.

In the Any Rifle category, Mike Quillinan was high shooter with a 586-22X, followed by John Luitink with a 584-20X.  The remainder of the category was subject to varying levels of disaster.  Ray Gross cross-fired and "X" (on a F-Class target, I might add), and Leo Cebula and Peter Church kept wondering why their shots were off call as their bullets passed through the low hanging branches of a tree on the high end of the range.  Time to squad the F-Classers down there....

2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 3

Our next match is scheduled for September 4, 2021, and will be the Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship:  2021 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship.

The weather is getting hot, not quite Africa Hot, but pleasantly warm.  There was a breeze blowing, it did help to avoid Africa Hot, but it did cause some issues with scores.

We had nine (9) competitors, one fired a few shots, and decided his load wasn't going to work, and left.  The other eight (8) were divided with five (5) F-Open shooters, and three (3) Any Rifle shooters (they may have all been shooting Palma Rifles, but I wasn't sure).

The contest for high F-Open was decided by "X's".  Jim Weinrich and Dave Strycharz both posted 581s, with Jim having 21 X's to Dave's 18.  High F-Open was Jim Weinrich with a 581-21X.

Amongst the sling shooters, Mike Quillinan was high with a 585-23X.  We were pleased to see John Luitink come out for a match.  I think the last time we was John was several years ago.

2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 2

The next Suburban Mid-Range Prone League Match is July 3, 2021.  Program is:  2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League

On a nice, but surprisingly windy day over Memorial Day Weekend, the 29th of May 2021 the Michigan Fullbore Rifle Prone Championship was held.  Sixteen hardy competitors fired in winds of 10-20 MPH with sudden gusts.

A glimpse of the wind this morning.  Midland County is normally a relatively protected range.  Not so much today.  That flag was pretty consistent, but we suffered from varying gusts throughout the day.

Our State Champions this year are:

Larry Remsnyder, F-TR 440-15X, Marcel Bollinger, F-Open 444-21X, and for Target Rifle, Jamie Root 440-17X.

2021 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship

After today's competition the competitors were treated to a Birthday Party luncheon in the block house at the range.  Ray Gross was celebrating his 18th anniversary of his 39th birthday.  Thank you, Nora Kay Folts, Ray's significant other.

The next match at MCSC will be the second Suburban Mid-Range Prone League (a 3x600) on June 5, 2021.  Program is:  2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League.

On a Saturday where I was in Arizona (and the temperature hit the low 90's each day), we had five (5) shooters come out for the first of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone matches for 2021. I would comment on the weather, but seeing how I wasn't around, I have no clue.  I will admit that it appears that conditions got dicey as the day moved forward.  Many of the stage three (3) scores showed a drop.

The high F-Open was Marcel Bollinger with a 589-24X.  The high and only Palma Rifle shooter was Ray Gross with a 593-28X.

2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League Match 1

Our next match in May is the Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship on May 29, 2021.  Program is:  2021 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship.

The next Suburban Mid-Range Prone League Match is on June 5, 2021.  The program is:  2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League.

On a really pleasant, although overcast day, we had only five (5) shooters come out to compete.  Especially notable was the numbers, only one (1) F-Class Shooter, and four (4) Palma Shooters.

The high F-TR, and only F-TR was Charley Hayes with a 380-7X.  High Palma Shooter was Dan Altman with a 399-20X.  Interestingly Dan bested Ray Gross and Peter Church by one (1) point.  In the X count, either Ray or Peter were better.

2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League - Match 6

This was the last of the Winter Mid-Range Prone matches for 2021.  Next weekend, May 1, 2021 will be the first of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone League matches for 2021.  Program is:  2021 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League.

On a sunny April Saturday, we had ten (10) competitors for Match 5 of the Winter Mid-Range Prone League. We had four (4) F-Open shooters, three (3) F-TR shooters (including one new gentleman, Robert Burner), two (2) Palma shooters, and one (1) lonely any rifle competitor.

The high F-Open was Marcel Bollinger with a 392-14X, he was chased by Tony DeKelaita with a 390-16, and Dave Monette with a 390-13.

In F-TR the high shooter was Donald Hicks with a 389-7, followed by Charley Hayes with a 387-8.

In Palma, Ray Gross was high with a 394-19 followed by Leo Cebula with a 391-14.

The sole any rifle competitor was Mike Quillinan with a 393-23.

2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League - Match 5

The next and final Winter Mid-Range Prone League scheduled for 4/24/21.  The program is: 2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.  Watch this spot for updates regarding weather for the match on the 24th.

On April 10, 2021 the 2020-2021 Snow Country Shoot-off was conducted at the Jackson Sportsman's Club in Jackson, Michigan.  Of the twelve (12) shooters invited, nine (9) attended.  One of the non-attendees was recovering from open heart surgery, one was at the ASSA Collegiate Club Championship with one of the shooters he coaches, and one forgot about the match (it happens).

Snow Country Winners: (l) Dave Strycharz, F-Class, and (r)Dan Altman, Sling receiving their award check from (c) Leo Cebula

The winning F-Class Shooter was Dave Strycharz with a 1271.7, besting Ed Gostomski in second place with a 1265.0.  In the Sling category, Dan Altman fired a 1247.3, beating his second place shooter, Gary Duda who had a 1233.4.

First  Last Category First Match Second Match Aggregate
Dave Strycharz F-Class 637.9 633.8 1271.7
Ed Gostomski F-Class 632.0 633.0 1265.0
Bret Solomon F-Class 630.9 631.8 1262.7
Steve Goyette F-Class 629.1 631.7 1260.8
Mark Javit F-Class 626.3 623.6 1249.9
Dan Altman Sling 621.5 625.8 1247.3
Gary Duda Sling 615.9 617.5 1233.4
Leo Cebula Sling 616.6 616.4 1233.0
Tim Schmeltzer Sling 604.2 597.8 1202.0

This ends the the 2020-2021 Snow Country.  We thank all of the shooters who competed in this season, and hope that you will return for the 2021-2022 Snow Country.  Watch this spot for details about when it begins.

Our next outdoor match is tentatively scheduled for April 17, 2021 at the Midland County Sportsman's Club.  Program: 2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program