2018 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 4 Results

It was almost a perfect day.  Not too hot, but good enough to work on your farmer’s tan, while comfortable.  Even competing with Cadillac we had fourteen shooters.

The high F-Open was Terry Scurlock with a 590-17X.  High F-TR was Steve Goyette with a 594-24X.  Lastly, using three different rifles, high sling shooter was Leo Cebula with a 594-27X.


2018 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 4

Our next match is the Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship on September 1, 2018.  The program is available here: 2018 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship.

Note:  a “Michigan F-TR Team” sweatshirt was left at the range on the low end.  We have it in the block house.