2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 6 is ON for April 29, 2017

The sixth Winter Mid-Range Prone Match will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2017. The weather guessers forecast mid-40’s and party cloudy.  Should be a good day.

It will be a 2×600, and start squadding at around 9:15 AM.  The match will be conducted on electronic targets.  As such, you will not be required to spend time in the pits.  Program is here:  2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.

For your interest, the Midland Weather Forecast:

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2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone – Match 5 Results

The fifth Winter Mid-Range Prone Match of 2017 was held on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  Weather was sunny, and in the 40’s.  A cool breeze was present for the entire day.

Had one notable score:  Peter Church fired a ‘clean’ with his .223 Palma Rifle in the Target Rifle category.  An impressive 400-28X.

Ray Gross was the high F-TR shooter with a 394-17X.

Today’s Scores:

2017 WMRP – Match 5

2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 4 Results

The early morning rain cleared off, and left us with a bright, sunny day.  It was over 80 F when we finished.  Ten (10) competitors (eight (8) F-TR and two (2) TR – Sling) competed.

John Roethlisberger was high F-TR with a 396-21X.  Jake Bondy was high Target Rifle (TR) with a 395-17X.


2017 WMRP – Match 4

2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 3 – Results

We had a decent, sunny day for Match 3 of the Winter Mid-Range Prone League. Moreover, we had the best turn-out of the year with ten (10) shooters.

Jake Bondy was the high Target Rifle shooter (sling shooter), with a 398-23X.  John Roethlisberger was the high F-TR shooter with a 397-26X besting John Pierce by three X’s.  It appears everyone is starting to get into practice for 2017.

2017 WMRP – Match 3

We did record a couple of concerning photos:

They appear to be of a notable F-TR shooter wearing a shooting jacket, slung up, and firing an Any Rifle.  When we left Midland the competitors were still in shock….  We are withholding his name to protect his reputation.

2017 Snow Country Shoot-Off Results

We held the 2017 Snow Country English Match League Shoot-Off at the Jackson Sportsman’s Club in Jackson, Michigan on April 1, 2017.  Nine of the Ten qualified competitors shot.

Kevin Nevius, Shoot-Off winner receives a check for $100 from Leo Cebula

Once again, Kevin Nevius won the Shoot-off with a score of 1188-81X.  He bested Dan Altman, and Ken Potter by three points in establishing his victory.

Kevin Nevius 591 37 597 44 1188 81
Ken Potter 593 34 592 32 1185 66
Dan Altman 595 31 590 34 1185 65
Matt Gorby 578 13 582 28 1160 41
Jake Bondy 578 22 580 25 1158 47
Leo Cebula 573 28 583 29 1156 57
Gary Duda 564 13 586 27 1150 40
Jamie Root 570 23 574 21 1144 44
Jason Piatek 564 12 575 25 1139 37

Competitors and their Equipment