2021-2022 Snow Country English Match Series Shoot-Off Results

Last Name First Name Total
Strycharz Dave 1265.7
Bollinger Marcel 1259.3
Goyette Steve 1258.0
Weinrich James 1248.9
Gostomski Ed 1247.6
Altman Dan 1239.5
Duda Gary 1227.0
Zwart Cameron 1224.9
Potter Ken 1206.3

Congratulations to Dave Strycharz and Dan Altman, winners of the 2021-2022 English Match Series Shoot-Off.

Dave posted an aggregate of 1265.7 besting the field of five competing in the F-Class shoot-off.

Dan posted an aggregate of 1239.5 leading the four sling shooters who competed in this year’s Shoot-Off.

This ends the indoor competition for the 2021-2022 Snow Country.  Check “Events” for a listing of our outdoor center-fire matches for 2022.

2020-2021 Snow Country Shoot-Off Results

On April 10, 2021 the 2020-2021 Snow Country Shoot-off was conducted at the Jackson Sportsman’s Club in Jackson, Michigan.  Of the twelve (12) shooters invited, nine (9) attended.  One of the non-attendees was recovering from open heart surgery, one was at the ASSA Collegiate Club Championship with one of the shooters he coaches, and one forgot about the match (it happens).

Snow Country Winners: (l) Dave Strycharz, F-Class, and (r)Dan Altman, Sling receiving their award check from (c) Leo Cebula

The winning F-Class Shooter was Dave Strycharz with a 1271.7, besting Ed Gostomski in second place with a 1265.0.  In the Sling category, Dan Altman fired a 1247.3, beating his second place shooter, Gary Duda who had a 1233.4.

First  Last Category First Match Second Match Aggregate
Dave Strycharz F-Class 637.9 633.8 1271.7
Ed Gostomski F-Class 632.0 633.0 1265.0
Bret Solomon F-Class 630.9 631.8 1262.7
Steve Goyette F-Class 629.1 631.7 1260.8
Mark Javit F-Class 626.3 623.6 1249.9
Dan Altman Sling 621.5 625.8 1247.3
Gary Duda Sling 615.9 617.5 1233.4
Leo Cebula Sling 616.6 616.4 1233.0
Tim Schmeltzer Sling 604.2 597.8 1202.0

This ends the the 2020-2021 Snow Country.  We thank all of the shooters who competed in this season, and hope that you will return for the 2021-2022 Snow Country.  Watch this spot for details about when it begins.

Our next outdoor match is tentatively scheduled for April 17, 2021 at the Midland County Sportsman’s Club.  Program: 2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program

2020-2021 Snow Country Final Results

First Last Category Sort
Cassie Coulston-Gerigk Collegiate/Junior 2341.70
Collin Fox Collegiate/Junior 2332.30
Christina Valladres Collegiate/Junior 1949.30
Mark VanEvery Collegiate/Junior 1132.60
Ed Gostomski F-Class Prone 2546.90
Steve Goyette F-Class Prone 2544.20
Bret Solomon F-Class Prone 2535.10
Dave Strycharz F-Class Prone 2532.60
Steve Jones F-Class Prone 2517.00
Mark Javit F-Class Prone 2495.50
Marcel Bollinger F-Class Prone 2486.10
Jim Weinrich F-Class Prone 2483.20
Dale Doombos F-Class Prone 2406.20
Troy Markosky F-Class Prone 2350.30
Clinton Lucas F-Class Prone 2313.70
Hayden  Lucas F-Class Prone 2297.00
Leroy McCormick F-Class Prone 2288.70
Kelley Neeley F-Class Prone 1891.50
Dan Altman Sling Prone 2485.70
Jamie Root Sling Prone 2479.50
Leo Cebula Sling Prone 2468.50
Gary Duda Sling Prone 2468.10
Cameron Zwart Sling Prone 2462.20
Timothy Schmeltzer Sling Prone 2435.80
Larry Remsnyder Sling Prone 2388.40
Richard Pardini Sling Prone 2382.10
Charlie Reynolds Sling Prone 2377.60
Arlyn Doombos Sling Prone 2348.80
Jay Baker Sling Prone 2273.80
Steve Fenske Sling Prone 2238.00
Ken Potter Sling Prone 1814.60
Chris Whitney Sling Prone 592.40
Hanne Brantner Sling Prone 592.20

This is the final results for the Grand Aggregate of the 2020-2021 Snow Country English match series.

The following persons are invited to the Shoot-Off on April 10, 2021 at the Jackson Sportsman’s Club in Jackson, Michigan (see event for map).


Ed Gostomski
Steve Goyette
Bret Solomon
Dave Strycharz
Steve Jones
Mark Javit


Dan Altman
Jamie Root
Leo Cebula
Gary Duda
Cameron Zwart
Timothy Schmeltzer

The course of fire will be two sixty shot English matches (120 record shots total).  The range will be open at 8:00 AM, and we will start shooting as soon as all competitors arrive, but no later than 9:00 AM.

2020-2021 Snow Country Final Results (Draft) as of 3/28/2021

First Last Category Sort
Christina Valladres Collegiate/Junior 1949.3
Collin Fox Collegiate/Junior 1752.1
Cassie Coulston-Gerigk Collegiate/Junior 1750.3
Mark VanEvery Collegiate/Junior 1132.6
Ed Gostomski F-Class Prone 2546.9
Steve Goyette F-Class Prone 2544.2
Bret Solomon F-Class Prone 2535.1
Dave Strycharz F-Class Prone 2532.6
Steve Jones F-Class Prone 2517.0
Mark Javit F-Class Prone 2495.5
Marcel Bollinger F-Class Prone 2486.1
Jim Weinrich F-Class Prone 2483.2
Dale Doombos F-Class Prone 2406.2
Clinton Lucas F-Class Prone 2313.7
Troy Markosky F-Class Prone 2303.8
Hayden Lucas F-Class Prone 2297.0
Leroy McCormick F-Class Prone 2288.7
Kelley Neeley F-Class Prone 1891.5
Dan Altman Sling Prone 2485.7
Jamie Root Sling Prone 2479.5
Leo Cebula Sling Prone 2468.5
Gary Duda Sling Prone 2468.1
Cameron Zwart Sling Prone 2461.1
Timothy Schmeltzer Sling Prone 2435.8
Larry Remsnyder Sling Prone 2388.4
Richard Pardini Sling Prone 2382.1
Charlie Reynolds Sling Prone 2377.6
Arlyn Doombos Sling Prone 2348.8
Jay Baker Sling Prone 2273.8
Steve Fenske Sling Prone 2238.0
Ken Potter Sling Prone 1814.6
Chris Whitney Sling Prone 592.4
Hanne Brantner Sling Prone 592.2

Aggregate scores are based upon the high four match score of six fired matches. Please bring obvious errors to my attention (Lcebula@comcast.net).

This is NOT the final results.  There are still a match to be shot, April Fool’s Day in Grand Rapids. We will then finalize the results, and name the Shoot-Off contestants.

2020-2021 Snow Country English Match Series – Scores up to 2-27-21

Results up to February 27, 2021:

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 1

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 2

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 3

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 4

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 5

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 6

As I go through the posting I felt it was worthwhile to review the high scores by Category:  So here they are:

Collegiate/Junior:          Collin Fox           592.7

F-Class Prone:                Ed Gostomski    638.0

Sling Prone:                    Dan Altman       630.6

March is upon us, so we have only one month of the league matches left:  March 4 – Grand Rapids; March 13 – Monroe; March 20 – Howell; March 27 – Muskegon.

Program is available:  2020-2021 Snow Country English Match Series

2020-2021 Snow Country Results to 2-13-2021

First scores in February, from Grand Rapids on the 4th, Howell on the 6th, and Monroe on the 13th and Muskegon on the 13th:

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 1

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 2

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 3

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 4

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 5

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 6

Next matches are in February:  Howell – 27th.  Program:  2020-2021 Snow Country English Match Series

2020-2021 Snow Country Results to 12-19-20

Snow Country Results up to December 19, in the year of COVID.

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 1

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 2

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 3

2020-2021 Snow Country Match 4

The next Snow Country Matches will be in the New Year!  It will be good to have 2020 behind us.

Next matches by location:  Howell – January 2, 2021; Grand Rapids – January 7, 2021; Monroe – January 9, 2021; Muskegon – January 16, 2021.  Program:  2020-2021 Snow Country English Match Series

If you are looking for excitement, there is the New Year’s Eve Rifle Match at Midland County Sportsman’s Club on December 31, 2020.  An opportunity to kiss the year of COVID goodbye with a 2×600.  Category awards will be made.  Program:  2020 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match

2020-2021 Snow Country English Match Series – Match 1

On November 4, 2020, the Grand Rapids Club fired their first match of the 2020-2021 season. Five competitors attended and began the league for the new season. Then on November 7, 2020 the Howell Gun Club ran their first Snow Country match of the season. Six competitors attended. Great start for the new season.

This season will see the start of decimal scoring for the league. Instead of a total possible score of 600, it will be possible to shoot a 654. So we should see quite a number of scores over 600. However, we should see some real differentiation between scores, especially for F-Class.

2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series Final Results

Below are the final grand aggregate standings for this year’s Snow Country. A couple of points to clarify the standing and results:

  1. Due to the COVID-19 crisis we have canceled the Shoot-Off for this year. It may have been possible that Governor Whitmer would eliminate the “Stay-at-home” order prior to the 18th, but we suspect that we will still have prohibitions on being closer than six (6) feet to our fellow man. So the Shoot-Off is canceled. The funds normally expended for the Shoot-Off have been rolled into the final awards total.
  2. For the first time this year’s league began with four categories: F-Class, Sling-Irons, Sling-Scope, and Collegiate/Junior. We had dissimilar entries in those categories, so for the Grand Aggregate the Sling-Irons and Sling-Scope were rolled together. However, for awards in the individual matches they were kept separate. As a result for Sling-Irons, and Sling-Scope there are awards paid for matches 1-4 and the grand aggregate. For F-Class there are awards paid for matches 1-6 and the grand aggregate. For Collegiate/Junior the top three competitors in the grand aggregate will receive Trophy Plaques.
  3. Due to limited entries in F-Class, Sling-Scope, Sling-Irons awards are being paid as follows:
    1. F-Class, first, second, and third in matches 1-4. First and second in matches 5-6.
    2. For both sling categories first was paid in matches 1-4.
  4. The checks will be mailed this next week (March 30, 2020).
  5. In the following awards list, those shown in Bold would have been invited to the League Shoot-Off. Those persons will receive a 2020 Snow Country Shoot-Off T-Shirt. The T-Shirts will either be mailed or handed out at matches later this year, after the 6′ zone of exclusion is lifted.
KelleyNeeleyF-Class Prone26250
EdGostomskiF-Class Prone26230
AlMooreF-Class Prone26230
SteveGoyetteF-Class Prone26200
SteveJonesF-Class Prone25810
BretSolomonF-Class Prone25800
DaveStrycharzF-Class Prone25680
MarkJavitF-Class Prone25250
JimWeinrichF-Class Prone25250
DaleDoornbosF-Class Prone23760
LeroyMcCormickF-Class Prone21460
CharlesHayesF-Class Prone6270