2023 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 4 Results

On a very nice Saturday morning we fired the fourth match of the 2023 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League. Fourteen (14) competitors came out to enjoy one of the last days of summer.

We had only two (2) sling shooters, one firing an Any Rifle and one a scoped Service Rifle. Mike Quillinan led this group with a 589-26X.

Next in AR-Tactical, only two (2) shooters, again. Tanner Brenton led with a 586-30X. Leading the second place shooter by only a point and a few “X”s.

There were six (6) F-Open shooters, led by Marcel Bollinger with a 599-45X leading Don Hicks who finished with a 599-37X.

F-TR had four (4) shooters, led by Mike Boughner with a 599-44X. ¬†Notably Mike’s score was only one (1) “X” shy of the F-Open winner.

2023 SMRP Match 4

Our next match will be the Halloween BSA Charity Match on October 14, 2023. The program is: 2023 Halloween BSA Charity Match

2023 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship Results

On the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend we ran our annual Mid-Range Prone Championship at the Midland County Sportsman’s Club.¬† Twenty-four shooters participated on a day with rare Michigan Fall Weather.¬† It was glorious.

In Any Rifle (a combination of Any Rifle and Palma Rifle Categories we had five (5) competitors. Jamie Root emerged the winner with a 598-30X. He was chased by Jack Abrams with a 594-28X and Charles Reynolds with a 591-28X.

In F-TR Larry Remsnyder lead the field of six (6) competitors with a 593-23X ahead of Mike Broughner with a 590-25X, and Richard Dixon with 588-21X.

In F-Open Mike Ruhlman beat a group of seven (7) with a score of 597-32X. ahead of Dave Monette with a score of 597-29X (a damnly close match), and Don Hicks with a 595-33X.

In a new category of three (3) competitors, Tanner Brenton led the way with a 598-35X in AR-Tactical (AR platform rifles fired with simple bipods, tactical back bags, and scoped).

2023 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship

Sorry for the delay in posting these. My schedule had me return home to pack for heading to the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico for a combined practice of the U.S. Palma Team and U.S. Veterans team. As such, my Sunday was taken up with travel, and Monday during the day with running the practice. I will get awards ordered as soon as my schedule permits.