2015 September – Suburban Mid-Range Prone Results

An interesting day at MCSC.  We had eleven (11) shooters, seven (7) sling (Target Rifle), and four (4) F-TR.

Peter Church was high Target Rifle with a 600-43X with scope.  In the Suburban Mid-Range Prone League that is the highest score ever recorded.   The next closest dated from July 4, 2009 and was a 600-41X with irons.   To provide an understanding about how difficult it is to produce this score, I counted more than ten (10) 599s shot since about 2004.

The next Suburban Mid-Range (and last for 2015) will be held on October 17, 2015.  Look in “Events” for details.

SMRP Match 5

2015 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship Results

On a day with a delayed start due to the heaviest fog I’ve see in the past five years twenty-two (22) competitors produced at least three National Records (still need to review all of the scores), and named two State Champions.  After the fog cleared we were met with clouds that opened to intermittently sunny moments.  When those occurred it was simply Africa hot.  The heat coupled with the humidity made for a miserable day for competing wearing a shooting jacket, but pleasant to be scoring in a T-shirt and shorts.

In the Any Rifle category, John Luitinik repeated his performance in the Michigan Fullbore Championship by producing a 595-38X to best Pete Church’s 595-31X.  Notably, Pete’s 77th birthday was a couple of days prior.  Pete is still impressing us.

In the F-TR category, Bryan Litz posted a 598-44X to win the category.  Paul Phillips was second with a 595-36X.

2015 Mid-Range Prone Championship Results