2020 Winter League Cancelations

Per the Governor’s Executive order, Midland County Sportsman’s Club will be closed until April 13, 2020. As a result the Winter League matches scheduled for April 4, 2020 and April 11, 2020 are canceled.

With luck we will be able to start again after the 13th.

2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series Final Results

Below are the final grand aggregate standings for this year’s Snow Country. A couple of points to clarify the standing and results:

  1. Due to the COVID-19 crisis we have canceled the Shoot-Off for this year. It may have been possible that Governor Whitmer would eliminate the “Stay-at-home” order prior to the 18th, but we suspect that we will still have prohibitions on being closer than six (6) feet to our fellow man. So the Shoot-Off is canceled. The funds normally expended for the Shoot-Off have been rolled into the final awards total.
  2. For the first time this year’s league began with four categories: F-Class, Sling-Irons, Sling-Scope, and Collegiate/Junior. We had dissimilar entries in those categories, so for the Grand Aggregate the Sling-Irons and Sling-Scope were rolled together. However, for awards in the individual matches they were kept separate. As a result for Sling-Irons, and Sling-Scope there are awards paid for matches 1-4 and the grand aggregate. For F-Class there are awards paid for matches 1-6 and the grand aggregate. For Collegiate/Junior the top three competitors in the grand aggregate will receive Trophy Plaques.
  3. Due to limited entries in F-Class, Sling-Scope, Sling-Irons awards are being paid as follows:
    1. F-Class, first, second, and third in matches 1-4. First and second in matches 5-6.
    2. For both sling categories first was paid in matches 1-4.
  4. The checks will be mailed this next week (March 30, 2020).
  5. In the following awards list, those shown in Bold would have been invited to the League Shoot-Off. Those persons will receive a 2020 Snow Country Shoot-Off T-Shirt. The T-Shirts will either be mailed or handed out at matches later this year, after the 6′ zone of exclusion is lifted.
KelleyNeeleyF-Class Prone26250
EdGostomskiF-Class Prone26230
AlMooreF-Class Prone26230
SteveGoyetteF-Class Prone26200
SteveJonesF-Class Prone25810
BretSolomonF-Class Prone25800
DaveStrycharzF-Class Prone25680
MarkJavitF-Class Prone25250
JimWeinrichF-Class Prone25250
DaleDoornbosF-Class Prone23760
LeroyMcCormickF-Class Prone21460
CharlesHayesF-Class Prone6270

2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 3 Results

Once again we had seven (7) shooters come out for a Winter Mid-Range Prone match.  The weather was better than the last one by about 6 degrees F.  Moreover, we noticed no COVID-19 virus beastie’s in the area.  We did however, shake hands by banging elbows.

The conditions were very good for shooting with just a little drift noticeable.  The high F-Open was Mike Ruhlman with a 390-15X.  He was closely chased by Tony Dekelaita with a 388-11X.  High Palma Rifle shooter was Ray Gross with a 399-28X.  Leo Cebula was chasing  Ray until he fired a shot on Ray’s target.  Then it was time to test loads with the 85.5 Bergers. Velocity looked good, but can’t seem to get two of them to hit the same hole.

Notably, we had two new shooters, Dave Monette, and his son Jake.  They fired F-Open for their first match.  I suspect we will see a singular improvement when they come up for their second shoot.

The results:

2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone – Match 3

The next scheduled match is on March 28, 2020.  Program is:  2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program

2019-2020 Snow Country Results to March 8, 2020

Here are the scores for this Snow Country Session, and a first cut at league standings:

2019-20 Snow Country Match 1

2019-20 Snow Country Match 2

2019-20 Snow Country Match 3

2019-20 Snow Country Match 4

2019-20 Snow Country Match 5

2019-20 Snow Country Match 6

A first cut at the league totals (high four scores count):

2019-2020 Snow Country Scores

Remaining matches are:  March:  Monroe – 21; Muskegon – 21; April:  Grand Rapids – 2.  Program:  2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series

Also, in March, at Midland the Winter Mid-Range Prone League the 14th, and the 28th.  Program:  2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program