2018 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League Match 2

After four-five days in the 90’s, Saturday the 2nd of June dawned in the low 50’s. Admittedly, it didn’t seem like it had been in the 90’s long enough to “thin” our blood, but Saturday morning was damn cold.  And, frankly, done of the eleven (11) competitors were really prepared for the chill.

After an eTarget near debacle for the Michigan Fullbore Championship a week ago, today everything, I mean everything worked.  Even equipment that had been patched from the prior weekend worked flawlessly.  There is something psychic that happens to our eTargets when we run a registered match.  I don’t understand it….

Had one interesting score today, Ray Gross returned to sling shooting with a vengeance.  He was high sling shooter with an outstanding 600-35X.  Really fine shooting.

In the F-Open category, Steve Goyette bested the field with a 592-21X.  For F-TR Richard Dixon blasted a 587-25X to set the pace.

2018 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 2

The next match at MCSC will be on:  July 14, 2018, the program is 2018 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League.  Until then, take part in the MRPA Michigan 1000 yard Championship on June 15-16, 2018.  Program is here.  Enter on the Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association site here.