2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League – Match 2

This is the first results for the Winter Mid-Range League you will find.  We tried to shoot once previously, but were snowed out (couldn’t see the targets).

Today we had seven (7) shooters.  Frankly, we had a good time.  The temperature outside was about 28 F.  Inside we guesstimate it was in the 50’s F.  No cold hands, stocking hats unnecessary, no shivering.  Just a pleasure to shoot inside.

However, outside the winds of February were switchy enough to cause sling shooters to fire eights.  The high F-Open was Tony Dekelaita with a 391-10X, High F-TR was Tom Fisher with a 377-8X, and high Palma Rifle was Ray Gross with a 393-21X.

Complete Results:

2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone – Match 2

2019-20 Snow Country Results – Up to February 24, 2020

All February scores have been received and entered.

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Next matches are in March:  Grand Rapids – 5; Howell and Muskegon – 7; Monroe and Muskegon 21.  Program:  2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series

Next outdoor Mid-Range prone match is Midland on February 29.  Program is:  2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program

2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone – Snow Out!

Well, we tried.  Under normal circumstances we would have started shooting at 9:00 AM.  However, because this is the Winter Mid-Range we started at 10:00. Unfortunately, by 10:00 AM the snow had started, and after just a few shots, the targets were no longer visible.  We waited until after 11:00 AM, and from the weather maps things were not going to get better.

The Targets are UP!

So we called it off.  The next Winter Mid-Range Prone match is scheduled for February 29, 2020.  The program is 2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.