2023 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 3

On a mostly rainy day, ten (10) motivated competitors fired the third match of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone league.  It was still raining at 9:00 AM, so we waited for a let off.  At 9:10 AM we decided to go.  The rain held off while both relays finished and only started again around noon. Only two persons were finishing up when those rain drops started.

I will for reporting roll Any Rifle and Palma Rifle together. Peter Church firing an iron sight Palma rifle posted the high score with a 594-31X.  High F-TR was Leo Cebula with a 579-11X. High Junior was Leo’s grandson, Reece Pippin with a 576-21X.

Of particular note was Peter Church’s first stage was a 200-15X with an iron sighted Palma Rifle.  Not bad at 84 years old.

2023 SMRP Match 3