2017 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League – Match 4 (August 2017)

Well, in a number of ways it was a special day.  With the Canadian F-Class Championship just finishing, and the World F-Class Championship starting I figured to have an easy, short day.  I should know better.  A total of seventeen (17) shooters arrived for this morning’s match. Then to top it off, Mom Nature decided it was time to run the natural sprinkler system. More on that later.

Unfortunately, we had one shooter withdraw due to an equipment issue.  So we show only sixteen scores.

In the Sling category, Peter Church was high shooter with a 598-40X. For an almost 79 year old, this was another impressive score.  In the F-Open, Marcel Bollinger was high with 596-35X.  In F-TR, Bob Lorenz (who has the privilege of my signature on his DD-214!) was high with a 596-35X.

Additionally, we had three Junior shooters, Sydnie Lipski, Allen Cox and Connor Parsons.  Its been a long time since we had Junior shooters competing in this league.  We were happy to see all of them!

Now back to the sprinkler system. The first time Mom Nature turned them on, I was quick enough to cover my gear, and to slip into Pete Church’s vehicle. So, I stayed dry. The second time I had just finished my sighters of my last string. Frankly, I don’t think the rain helped my performance. However, I did learn that my Eddie Bauer shorts, and UA socks dried almost immediately after the rain stopped. Thank goodness for small favors!

The results: 2017 SMRP – Match 4

Our next match is September 2, 2017, and will be the Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship. This competition will be fired at 300, 500, and 600 yards.  The program is available here:  2017 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship.  Please note the change to the sighting requirements for sling (Any Rifle) shooters detailed in a previous post.  This year we will allow any sights for all shooters.  The sling shooters will meet at the completion of the match to discuss sighting requirements for the 2018 State Championship.

2017 Mid-Range Prone Championship

Please note, the program for this match indicates rule 3.2 Any Rifle for the rifle type for Sling/Target Rifle.  We did not specify rule 3.7(a) to specify metallic sights.

Additionally, with the changes to the rules regarding sights for service rifles, and match rifles for National competition, we will be treating this match as having three categories:  Any Rifle (Rule 3.2), F-Open (Rule 3.4a) and F-TR (Rule 3.4b).

The Any Rifle category will allow any sights as provided by Rule 3.2.

At the completion of the competition, we will conduct a competitor meeting to discuss whether or not some portion of the Mid-Range Prone Championship should include a portion that requires metallic sights as provided by Rule 3.7(a).  However, for 2017 this match will be conducted with any sights for Any Rifle (sling) competitors.