2017 Mid-Range Prone Championship

Please note, the program for this match indicates rule 3.2 Any Rifle for the rifle type for Sling/Target Rifle.  We did not specify rule 3.7(a) to specify metallic sights.

Additionally, with the changes to the rules regarding sights for service rifles, and match rifles for National competition, we will be treating this match as having three categories:  Any Rifle (Rule 3.2), F-Open (Rule 3.4a) and F-TR (Rule 3.4b).

The Any Rifle category will allow any sights as provided by Rule 3.2.

At the completion of the competition, we will conduct a competitor meeting to discuss whether or not some portion of the Mid-Range Prone Championship should include a portion that requires metallic sights as provided by Rule 3.7(a).  However, for 2017 this match will be conducted with any sights for Any Rifle (sling) competitors.