2022 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match (a day early!)

On a remarkably warm day for Michigan at the end of December, ten (10) competitors came out for the annual New Year’s Eve Rifle Match.

Beating a surprising number of service rifle shooters, Kyle Matzelle fired a 394-17X to lead the category.  For F-Open, Mike Ruhlman was the only competitor; he fired a 393-12X.  Charles Hayes was the only F-TR competitor and fired a 383-10X. There were two (2) Palma Rifle shooters, and one of them cross fired two times, allowing Leo Cebula to post the high Score of 383-9X.

2022 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match

We will announce the matches for 2023 shortly.  However, it is likely that we will allocate every weekend in March and April as potential matches.  Watch this spot for details.

2022 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match

We will be running the New Year’s Eve Rifle Match again this year.  As in the past the course of fire is a 2×600 on electronic targets.

We will begin squadding at approximately 9:15 AM.

Remember watch this site for information about whether the match will be run or not.  Whether this time of year in Michigan can be threatening.  If it appears we will be having a bomb cyclone, tornadoes or fiery hail, we will cancel this match.

2022 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match

2022-2023 Snow Country English Match Series – Results for December

Into the second month of the series, we have scores from Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Monroe and Howell.  December matches are complete.

2022-2023 Snow Country Match 1

2022-2023 Snow Country Match 2

2022-2023 Snow Country Match 3

2022-2023 Snow Country Match 4

Next matches are:  January 5 – Grand Rapids, January 14 – Monroe and Howell, January 28 – Muskegon. Still plenty of time to get started.  Program is:  2022-2023 Snow Country English Match Series

2022 Foul Weather Rifle Match Final Results

A couple of days late, but available nonetheless: Final Results of the 2022 Foul Weather Rifle Match.

Six (6) shooters chose to compete in cool temperatures.  In F-Open Mike Ruhlman posted a 392-11 for high and only shooter. In Target Rifle Matt Wieczorek finished with a 375-5 for high and only shooter.

In Service Rifle we had four (4) competitors.  Tom Feige was high with a 389-15 besting second place Kyle Matzelle who finished with a 389-8.

2022 Foul Weather Rifle Match

Thanks to Ray Gross who ran this event.  The next event, might be the New Year’s Eve Rifle Match.  Watch this site for details.

Web Site Issues

As some of you noticed during the past week to ten days semno.org has been up, down, and sometimes simply non-responsive.  This was due a hacker attack that caused semno.org and five other related sites to be infected with a Bot.

It required a good deal of effort to first remove the Bot, and secondly to repair the damage that it caused.

However, we are back up, and running.  We now have new firewalls that hopefully will prevent another infection.

2022 Halloween BSA Charity Match

On a really pleasant day we held the 2022 Halloween BSA Charity Match at the Midland County Sportsman’s Club.  We had ten (10) shooters.  With the help of donations from Solomon Diving and Pierce Engineering we were able to raise $700 for Venturing Crew 7772.

Bret Solomon, of Solomon Diving presents a check and cash to Venturing Crew 7772.

The winning F-Open Shooter was Nick Nadenoff with a 600-39X.  600s with Any Rifles or F-Class are rare occurrences.  Congratulations to Nick on fine performance. Second in F-Open was Mike Ruhlman with a 595-26X, third was Bret Solomon with a 594-26X.

In F-TR William Gravatt was winning shooter with a 582-21X, besting Leo Cebula with a 577-17X, and Jeremy Jahr with a 550-10X.

Roger Franklin was the sole Service Rifle Shooter, so he was high Any Rifle with a 577-13X

We had one new shooter Oliver Barnes, a Junior who fired a 539-3 in his first match.  We hope to see him back again.

Complete results:

2022 Halloween BSA Charity Match

The next match for 2022 will be the Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. A great opportunity to get away from the in-laws or other relatives that are causing tension over the holidays.  Come home refreshed and ready for Christmas….

2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League Match 5 Results

On a cool, maybe cold day (one shooter’s lady friend was wearing enough winter gear to go skiing), 15 shooters competed in the fifth of the Mid-Range Prone league matches for 2022.

Even with some challenging wind Pete Vansumeren posted a 600-37X besting the seven (7) F-Open competitors.  In F-TR sometime F-TR shooter Leo Cebula lead the four (4) F-TR shooters with a 584-17X.  Three (3) Any Rifle shooters were bested by Peter Church with a 596-28X.  Lastly, Tom Feige lead the service rifle shooters with a 570-15X.  

2022 SMRP Match 5

This was the last Suburban Mid-Range Prone League matches for 2022.  Our next match is the Annual Halloween BSA Charity Match on October 22, 2022.  Program: 2022 Halloween BSA Charity Match

2022 Mid-Range Prone League Match 4 Results

Eleven (11) shooters came out for the fourth installment of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone League for 2022.  The weather was close to still, and comfortable, but cool.

The high Any Rifle Shooter was Peter Church with a 598-40, followed by Mike Quillinan with a 593-24. For F-Open the high shooter was Dave Strycharz with a 589-29.  High F-TR was Leo Cebula with a 576-12.  Lastly, high Service Rifle was Tom Fiege with a 559-15.

2022 SMRP Match 4

The next Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match will be held on October 8, 2022.  Program:  2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League.