2022 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship – Final Results

Saturday, September 3, 2022 was a calm sunny day, that turned challenging as the morning continued to noon. Twenty-four (24) competitors competed for the Michigan Championships.

For this match, we combined Palma, Service and Any Rifle shooters into a single category.  The match winner was Gary Duda using a Palma Rifle with a score of 596-27.  He was trailed by John Luitnik with a 593-19 and Peter Church with a 592-33.

Of note, Jason Quayle firing a service rifle briefly had a 200-8 in his first string. Unfortunately, his target was configured for a .30 bullet, however, he was using a 223 Remington.  Given the few thousandths difference between the a .308 and a .224  I did not expect to see a change, but one close round converted to a “9” as a result of a change.  Jason’s 199-8 was still his highest 600 yard score. Good job, Jason!

In F-Class the F-open winner was Dave Monette with a 599-36, followed by Marcel Bollinger with a 598-35, and Don Hicks with a 597-36.  For F-TR Jim Grissom was high in a small turnout with a 591-22.

2022 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship

The next match at Midland will be the 4th of the Suburban Mid-Range prone league on September 17, 2022.  Program is: 2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League

2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 3 – Final Results

On a calm, still day we had eleven (11) competitors see two (2) F-Class 600’s fired.

In F-Open, Marcel Bollinger fired a 600-37 to lead the field.  In F-TR Charles Hayes fired a 600-41using a 223 Remington with Hornady A-Tip 90 grain bullets. I had to look back to the Halloween Match of 2021 to find another 600 in F-Class.  That was Bret Solomon with a 600-53 (which would have been an National Record, except for the fact that the match wasn’t registered).

Along with firing his 600, Charley also shepherded his grand son, Nikhil Datta who produced the third highest F-Class score with a 594-36 in F-TR.

2022 SMRP Match 3

The next match is Saturday, September 3, 2022 and will be the 2022 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship-2.

2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 2 – Results

On Saturday, June 4, 2022, nine (9) competitors fired the Suburban Mid-Range Prone match 2.

High F-Open was Dave Strycharz with a 586-22X.  High F-TR was Charles Hayes with a 588-26X. High and only Any Rifle was Peter Church with a 593-27X.  High Palma Rifle was John Luitnik witha 594-35X.

2022 SMRP Match 2

The next Suburban Mid-Range Prone is on July 16, 2022. Program is:  2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League-2

2022 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship – Final Results

A field of twenty-one (21) competitors came out to the Midland County Sportsman’s Club to contest for the 2022 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship.  The day was sunny with gentle winds.

Nine (9) shooters competed for the F-Open title.  Marisa Tundo posted the best score for the day with a perfect 450-25X, following her were Pete VanSumeren with a 448-33X and Mike Ruhlman 448-17X.

In the F-TR category four (4) competitors vied for High F-TR.  Brad Sauve won with a 447-23X.

For Palma rifle five (5) competitors competed for high Palma Rifle.  Ray Gross won the event with a 447-22X.

Lastly, for Service Rifle there were three (3) competitors with Jim Mervyn firing a 433-12X for High Service Rifle.

The complete scores are available here:  2022 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship

The next match at Midland is June 4, 2022 for the second Suburban Mid-Range Prone League match for 2022.  Program is: 2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League-2

2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 1 Results

We had nine (9) shooters for this first match of 2022. A rather cool day, but acceptable as the morning wore on and the temperature got higher.  The winds were subtle, but difficult.

Six (6) F-Open shooters competed with the high being Bret Solomon with a 590-21X. Bret was testing his own bullets this morning, they seemed to shoot okay.

Two (2) Palma Shooters with Ray Gross firing the high score of 588-27X.  Charley Hayes was the sole F-TR competitor, he posted a 580-19.

2022 SMRP Match 1

The next match is the Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship on 28 May 2022.  Program is: 2022 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship-2

2021-2022 Snow Country English Match Series Shoot-Off Results

Last Name First Name Total
Strycharz Dave 1265.7
Bollinger Marcel 1259.3
Goyette Steve 1258.0
Weinrich James 1248.9
Gostomski Ed 1247.6
Altman Dan 1239.5
Duda Gary 1227.0
Zwart Cameron 1224.9
Potter Ken 1206.3

Congratulations to Dave Strycharz and Dan Altman, winners of the 2021-2022 English Match Series Shoot-Off.

Dave posted an aggregate of 1265.7 besting the field of five competing in the F-Class shoot-off.

Dan posted an aggregate of 1239.5 leading the four sling shooters who competed in this year’s Shoot-Off.

This ends the indoor competition for the 2021-2022 Snow Country.  Check “Events” for a listing of our outdoor center-fire matches for 2022.

2022 Winter Mid-Range Match 4 Results

On Easter Saturday, April 16, 2022 seven (7) competitors fired in match 4 of the Winter Mid-Range League.

The high Palma Rifle was Ray Gross with a 395-18X.  High F-Open was Mike Ruhlman with a 396-14X.  High Any Rifle was Mike Quillinan with a 395-18X, and high Service Rifle was Kyle Matzelle with a 394-17X.  It is surprising to note that only 2 points separated the high shooters in each category from one another.

2022 Winter Mid-Range Match 4

This was the last Winter Mid-Range Prone match of 2022.  The next match at Midland County Sportsman’s Club will be the first Suburban Mid-Range Prone League match 1 on April 30, 2022.  These will be 3x600s.  The program is:  2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League-2.

2021-2022 Snow Country Shoot-Off – UPDATED

The Shoot-Off for the 2021-2022 Snow Country will be held on April 16, 2022 at the Jackson Sportsman’s Club.  The range will open at 8:00 AM, and we will commence firing at 9:00 AM.

The following competitors are invited to the Shoot-Off:

F-Class (7)

Dave Strycharz F-Class Prone 2553.0
Ed Gostomski F-Class Prone 2549.1
Bret Solomon F-Class Prone 2544.2
Kelley Neeley F-Class Prone 2539.2
Steve Goyette F-Class Prone 2535.3
Jim Weinrich F-Class Prone 2533.7
Marcel Bollinger F-Class Prone 2525.2

Sling (6)

Cameron Zwart Sling Prone 2479.6
Gary Duda Sling Prone 2478.4
Leo Cebula Sling Prone 2461.2
Dan Altman Sling Prone 2461.1
Jamie Root Sling Prone 2455.2
Ken Potter Sling Prone 2443.1