2023 Halloween BSA Charity Match Results

On what many thought was going to be a rainy day, four (4) competitors fired the 2023 Halloween BSA Charity Match.  We put up our rain pop-ups, and ran four (4) targets in the air. It didn’t rain at all. It may have rained around us, but we didn’t even need the pop-ups. Just a gentle day to shoot.

With only four (4) shooters, we ran a single relay, and completed before 11:00 AM.  The results are below:

2023 Halloween BSA Charity Match

Solomon Diving contributed $300, MCSC provided $80 ($20/competitor), and another competitor kicked in another $20. So, the Venture Crew walked away with $400. Additionally, Pierce Engineering has committed to providing an additional $300 to the Venture Crew.

Bret Solomon handing contributions of $400 to the Venture Crew.

Next match will be the Annual Foul Weather Rifle match on November 25, 2023. Program is: 2023 Annual Foul Weather