2023 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 5

The final Winter Mid-Range Prone League match for 2023, match #5 attacted eleven (11) Shooters.

High Any Rifle was James Stewart with a 395-20. High F-Open was Mike Ruhlman with a 399-20 (winning on a tie breaker with his second twenty shots clean over Nick Nadenoff). High (and only) F-TR was Jeremy Jahr with a 387-10. High Palma Rifle was Ray Gross with a 399-19. Lastly Tom Feige was high Service Rifle with a 385-14.

2023 WMRP Match 5

Although this was the last Winter Mid-Range Match for 2023, the Suburban Mid-Range starts on May 6, 2023.  Program is:  2023 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League 2.

Additionally, the Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship will be held at Midland on May 20, 2023.  Program is:  2023 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship 2.  Please enter this match at:  MRPA Website.