2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 1 Results

We had nine (9) shooters for this first match of 2022. A rather cool day, but acceptable as the morning wore on and the temperature got higher.  The winds were subtle, but difficult.

Six (6) F-Open shooters competed with the high being Bret Solomon with a 590-21X. Bret was testing his own bullets this morning, they seemed to shoot okay.

Two (2) Palma Shooters with Ray Gross firing the high score of 588-27X.  Charley Hayes was the sole F-TR competitor, he posted a 580-19.

2022 SMRP Match 1

The next match is the Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship on 28 May 2022.  Program is: 2022 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship-2