2019-20 Snow Country Match 1 Results

On November 9, 2019 we opened the 2019-20 Snow Country English Match Series at the Howell Gun Club.  Seven (7) shooters participated, almost filling the range.

Of the seven (7), six (6) were competing F-Class, and one (1), lonely shooter fired Sling.

You will note a little difference with the F-Class scoring (at least for a week or two to see how the F-Classers like it).  We scored X’s on the USAS50 Target, but we treated them as “11’s”.  Effectively, the F-Classers were shooting for a total of 660.  It is our hope that this will allow a more equitable distribution of F-Class scores.  Would be happy to hear your opinions.

2019-20 Snow Country Match 1