2019-20 Snow Country Match 1 and 2

On November 23, 2019 a Snow Country match was conducted at the Monroe Gun Club.  Eleven (11) shooters attended, and twelve (12) matches were shot.  So we now have scores for matches 1 and 2.

Clearly F-Class shooters are the majority so far this year.  Of the eleven, only three were sling shooters.

You may notice what may appear to be an anomaly in the results.  Sling Shooters can compete with irons, scope, or fire scores for each.  Both Dan Altman and Leo Cebula have done that so far this year.

2019-20 Snow Country Match 1

2019-20 Snow Country Match 2

There are several matches being conducted.  In fact there are five coming up in December.  Still a lot of time to start and complete the series!