2018 Snow Country Shoot-Off Results

On a cold day in April, we conducted the Annual Snow Country English Match Series Shoot-Off.  For the first time we had a Shoot-Off for F-Class competitors as well as Any Rifle (Sling) competitors.

As a result we proportioned the invitations based upon the relative proportion of competitors for each category.  As such we invited seven (7) Any Rifle, and four (4) F-Class shooters.

The Any Rifle Winner was Kevin Nevius with an 1184-68X, followed by Leo Cebula, 1180-60X, and Dan Altman with a 1179-58X.  For the F-Class competitors, Josh Moore was Winner with a perfect 1200-109X, chased by Ed Gostomski with a 1197-88X and Al Moore with a 1195-86X.

Kevin Nevius, Any Rifle Winner (Left), and Josh Moore, F-Class Winner (right), flank Leo Cebula, Match Coordinator

Results:  2018 Snow Country Shoot-Off Results