2016 Winter Mid-Range Results

Finished target with microphones installed and calibrated.
Finished target with microphones installed and calibrated.

Well, finally we did it. We actually completed a Winter Mid-Range Prone match in 2016. We had only five (5) shooters, but as a group we enjoyed a nice spring day. You never needed gloves, and there wasn’t really much wind.

We installed three targets using the SMT system. Shooting two relays we completed two twenty shot matches by 10:36 after starting at 9:00. In general the electronic target system earned a payment on its cost this morning.

Early in the season, but some decent scores:

2016 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 1

The better of Brad’s two plots:



1) The targets represent a different distraction. A shooter is used to glancing into their spotting scope to see the location and value. The scope doesn’t tell anything now. You have to glance at your “device”.
2) You need a device that you can comfortably see. I tried a small one (8*) and a standard sized one. The standard sized won hands down.
3) You need to configure your device to avoid the screen saver from invoking during the string. It is inconvenient to have to unlock the device during a string.
4) If you are planning to shoot the MWP, or the F-class nationals, SMT targets will be used. You need to learn how to deal with the device and the targets before you head to Lodi.