2023 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship Final Results

A total of twenty-one (21) competitors came out for the 2023 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship. The match was fired at 300, 500 and 600 yards with fifteen shots for score at each distance on a cool day with gusty winds.

The Target Rifle Champion was Ray Gross with a perfect score of 450-30X. He was distantly followed by Jamie Root with a 446-24X, and eighty-four year old Peter Church with a 444-23X.

In F-TR, the winner was Richard Dixon with a 447-22X, followed by Mike Boughner with a 443-20X, and Doug Boyer 442-23X.

In F-Open, the winner was Nick Nadenoff with a 449-30X, followed by Dave Monette with a 448-21X and Marcel Bollinger with a 447-31.

2023 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship

Next match at Midland will be a Suburban Mid-Range League match on June 17, 2023.  Program is: 2023 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League 2