2022 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 3 – Final Results

On a calm, still day we had eleven (11) competitors see two (2) F-Class 600’s fired.

In F-Open, Marcel Bollinger fired a 600-37 to lead the field.  In F-TR Charles Hayes fired a 600-41using a 223 Remington with Hornady A-Tip 90 grain bullets. I had to look back to the Halloween Match of 2021 to find another 600 in F-Class.  That was Bret Solomon with a 600-53 (which would have been an National Record, except for the fact that the match wasn’t registered).

Along with firing his 600, Charley also shepherded his grand son, Nikhil Datta who produced the third highest F-Class score with a 594-36 in F-TR.

2022 SMRP Match 3

The next match is Saturday, September 3, 2022 and will be the 2022 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship-2.