2022 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match (a day early!)

On a remarkably warm day for Michigan at the end of December, ten (10) competitors came out for the annual New Year’s Eve Rifle Match.

Beating a surprising number of service rifle shooters, Kyle Matzelle fired a 394-17X to lead the category.  For F-Open, Mike Ruhlman was the only competitor; he fired a 393-12X.  Charles Hayes was the only F-TR competitor and fired a 383-10X. There were two (2) Palma Rifle shooters, and one of them cross fired two times, allowing Leo Cebula to post the high Score of 383-9X.

2022 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match

We will announce the matches for 2023 shortly.  However, it is likely that we will allocate every weekend in March and April as potential matches.  Watch this spot for details.