2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Match 5 Results

On a sunny April Saturday, we had ten (10) competitors for Match 5 of the Winter Mid-Range Prone League. We had four (4) F-Open shooters, three (3) F-TR shooters (including one new gentleman, Robert Burner), two (2) Palma shooters, and one (1) lonely any rifle competitor.

The high F-Open was Marcel Bollinger with a 392-14X, he was chased by Tony DeKelaita with a 390-16, and Dave Monette with a 390-13.

In F-TR the high shooter was Donald Hicks with a 389-7, followed by Charley Hayes with a 387-8.

In Palma, Ray Gross was high with a 394-19 followed by Leo Cebula with a 391-14.

The sole any rifle competitor was Mike Quillinan with a 393-23.

2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League – Match 5

The next and final Winter Mid-Range Prone League scheduled for 4/24/21.  The program is: 2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.  Watch this spot for updates regarding weather for the match on the 24th.