2021 Winter Mid-Range League Match 1 Results

We had seven (7) shooters this morning.  A good turnout for a day that started at about 16 degrees F.  Surprisingly, the sling shooters outnumbered the F-Class shooters.  That doesn’t happen very often.

We had four (4) categories represented, with just a couple shooters in each.  High (and only) Any Rifle was Matt Wieczorek with a 395-18, High F-Open was Tony Dekelaita with a 390-12, High Palma Rifle was Ray Gross with a 395-21, and high Service Rifle was Jason Quayle with a 358-2.

In notable performances, Matt Wieczorek had the only clean for the day in his second string, a 200-10.

Complete Results:

2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League

Next match will be March 6, 2021.  As always, watch his site for a notice indicating if the match will be held.

Program is:  2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program