2020 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 4 Results

On the 3rd of October in the year of COVID (2020) we conducted the last Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match of the season. Twelve (12) shooters came out on a cool, but relatively still day.

We had one important milestone, Chris Whitney shooting a Scoped Any Rifle with Sling posted a 600-41X for the high Any Rifle. I believe this is only the fifth 600 posted at the Midland Range (I admit I could be overlooking a couple more, but they are damned scarce). So this is quite an achievement. Good job, Chris.

For the F-Open, Tony Dekelaita fired a 594-34X for highest score. Steve Goyette was high F-TR with a 589-22X, and Ray Gross was the high Palma Rifle with a 596-41.

Our next match at MCSC will be the Halloween BSA Charity Match on November 7, 2020. Click here for the program.