2020 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match Results

Winners: (l to r) Derek Stratelak, Marcel Bollinger, Ray Gross, Matt Wieczorak, Scott Burr with their Winnings (bottle of Prosecco) in front of the Tent. Note the snow, we were happy it wasn’t falling while we were shooting.

We truly thread the needle.  On Wednesday, December 30, in the year of COVID, we saw snow and low temperatures.  On Thursday, December 31 we had dry conditions, little wind, and temperatures outside hovering around 30 F.  Moreover, in the tent it was easily over 40 maybe even higher.  As I type this report on January 1, 2021 I watch the sleet falling.  So, we definitely were able to thread the needle for our New Years Eve match.

When Ray and I arrived at the range at about 8:45 AM, we were pretty lonely, but at about 9:00 AM cars and trucks started arriving.  Order lines (or squadding lines) often follow a poisson distribution.  Which is to say it is random with clumps.  Normally, I see a single “clump”.  For this match we experienced about three clumps.  Which is to say we had a lot of entries.  Seventeen (17) to be exact.  This was the largest New Year’s Eve match in our history.

For demographics, we had:  seven (7) F-Open, four (4) F-TR, three (3) Palma Rifle, two (2) Service Rifle, and one (1) lonely Any Rifle shooter.  The high competitors were:  Marcel Bollinger, F-Open 400-28; Scott Burr, F-TR 399-23; Ray Gross, Palma Rifle 397-23; Derek Stratelak, Service Rifle 379-12; and Matt Wieczorak, Any Rifle 391-13.

2020 New Year’s Eve Rifle Match

Some shots of local color (in the tent):

Good shot showing firing through a short culvert to keep the heat from our propane heater in the tent. It also reduces the numbness on the trigger hand.

Next match at Midland will be on February 20, 2021.  Program is:  2021 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program

If you can’t wait to shoot, the Snow Country league is .22 rimfire at 50′ indoor.  Program is:  2020-2021 Snow Country English Match Series