2020 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship

After a coronavirus delay of about seven (7) weeks the 2020 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship was finally held. Twenty-one (21) shooters participated in this years event. We had eight (8) F-Open shooters, five (5) F-TR shooters, seven (7) Target Rifle (Sling) shooters, and one Mid-Range prone shooter with an Any Rifle who shot for fun.

The F-Open was a contest between Marcel Bollinger and Al Barnhart. Marcel was victorious with a 447-22X to Al’s 446-29X.

In F-TR, Paul Phillips dominated the field firing a 445-23X compared to his second place challenger, Tom Martelle who posted a 441-21X.

In the Target Rifle (Sling) category it was a run for the money between visiting Hanne Brantner from Pennsylvania and Midland local, Ray Gross. Hanne was the winner with a 449-28X over Ray’s 448-29X. Per Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association rules, Hanne cannot be named Michigan Champion due to residency. As a result, Ray is named the Target Rifle Champion.

2020 Fullbore Champions: (left to right); Paul Phillips, F-TR Champion; Hanne Brantner, Target Rifle Winner; Ray Gross, Target Rifle Champion. Not Pictured: Marcel Bollinger, F-Open Champion.