2020 Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match Results

On a cool, but sunny day we had seven (7) shooters competed in the Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match on November 28, in the year of COVID. With seven shooters this was the second highest participation in the past several years. Probably because it was close to a nice day for November in Michigan.

A sunny November day in Michigan:

High F-Open was Donald Hicks with a 397-24, Jake Sauve was high F-TR with a 397-17, and the only sling shooter was Leo Cebula with a 392-13.

And for a little perspective, a picture of me (Leo) congratulating Jake Sauve (Brad’s Son) for being high Junior in one of our state matches in around 2009-2010 time frame.

And a picture of Jake and I, yesterday in November 2020. I think he grew a little, and it looks like I lost a couple pounds.

As a rule this match is the last outdoor match of the year, with the possible exception of a New Year’s Eve match. We will wait a few weeks to decide whether or not shooting on New Year’s Eve would be possible. So, watch this site for an annoucement.