2020-2021 Snow Country Final Results

First Last Category Sort
Cassie Coulston-Gerigk Collegiate/Junior 2341.70
Collin Fox Collegiate/Junior 2332.30
Christina Valladres Collegiate/Junior 1949.30
Mark VanEvery Collegiate/Junior 1132.60
Ed Gostomski F-Class Prone 2546.90
Steve Goyette F-Class Prone 2544.20
Bret Solomon F-Class Prone 2535.10
Dave Strycharz F-Class Prone 2532.60
Steve Jones F-Class Prone 2517.00
Mark Javit F-Class Prone 2495.50
Marcel Bollinger F-Class Prone 2486.10
Jim Weinrich F-Class Prone 2483.20
Dale Doombos F-Class Prone 2406.20
Troy Markosky F-Class Prone 2350.30
Clinton Lucas F-Class Prone 2313.70
Hayden  Lucas F-Class Prone 2297.00
Leroy McCormick F-Class Prone 2288.70
Kelley Neeley F-Class Prone 1891.50
Dan Altman Sling Prone 2485.70
Jamie Root Sling Prone 2479.50
Leo Cebula Sling Prone 2468.50
Gary Duda Sling Prone 2468.10
Cameron Zwart Sling Prone 2462.20
Timothy Schmeltzer Sling Prone 2435.80
Larry Remsnyder Sling Prone 2388.40
Richard Pardini Sling Prone 2382.10
Charlie Reynolds Sling Prone 2377.60
Arlyn Doombos Sling Prone 2348.80
Jay Baker Sling Prone 2273.80
Steve Fenske Sling Prone 2238.00
Ken Potter Sling Prone 1814.60
Chris Whitney Sling Prone 592.40
Hanne Brantner Sling Prone 592.20

This is the final results for the Grand Aggregate of the 2020-2021 Snow Country English match series.

The following persons are invited to the Shoot-Off on April 10, 2021 at the Jackson Sportsman’s Club in Jackson, Michigan (see event for map).


Ed Gostomski
Steve Goyette
Bret Solomon
Dave Strycharz
Steve Jones
Mark Javit


Dan Altman
Jamie Root
Leo Cebula
Gary Duda
Cameron Zwart
Timothy Schmeltzer

The course of fire will be two sixty shot English matches (120 record shots total).  The range will be open at 8:00 AM, and we will start shooting as soon as all competitors arrive, but no later than 9:00 AM.