2019-20 Snow Country Results – January 25, 2020

New results for the 2019-20 Snow Country.  A couple of high points:

  1. Our first sling 600 this year was fired by Dan Altman at Monroe.  A 600-42. Outstanding job, Dan!
  2. We have a group of F-Class Shooters who have begun firing re-shoots.  Per the program an unlimited number of re-shoots are allowed.  Each time you re-shoot you replace your lowest score.  For the re-shoots you will see a shooters name twice (three times? or Four?) in the results for a particular match.  We will likely see several this year.

2019-20 Snow Country Match 1

2019-20 Snow Country Match 2

2019-20 Snow Country Match 3

2019-20 Snow Country Match 4

2019-20 Snow Country Match 5

2019-20 Snow Country Match 6

Next matches in February:  6th Grand Rapids; 8th Howell; 8th Muskegon; 22nd Monroe; 22nd Muskegon.  Program: 2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series

For those of you needing to get outside, Midland will be running its first Winter Mid-Range prone match on February 1, 2020.  This will follow the typical Winter Mid-Range rules regarding weather.  However, due to our heated tent, we will not cancel for temperature alone.  Program:  2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program