2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League

The program for the 2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League is available:   2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.

The league will operate on Saturday mornings in March and April of 2017 depending on the weather.  If the temperature is greater than 30 degrees F, and the wind-chill shows a felt temperature of greater than 25 degrees F, and it is not raining (snow is okay!), then the match will run.  In order to give every one an opportunity to attend, we will make the call to run or not on the Friday preceding the match by 9:00 AM, where possible.

This league opens the potential to get out and check out new equipment, or to just shake the cobwebs out of your gear.

Although the weather tends to be somewhat variable during the months of March and April, we generally find at least three (3) dates to shoot, often more.