2017 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League – Match 1

After three weekends in a row for the Winter Mid-Range Prone League, we conducted the first of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone League matches.  Twelve (12) shooters came out for the first of these for 2017.  They enjoyed a brisk, but sunny morning.  However, they were challenged by a heavy buffeting wind that rocked scores across the board.

The High Any Rifle (Sling) shooter was Jake Bondy, with a 594-31X.  Notably, Jake cleaned the first string with a 200-14X.  An absolutely outstanding score in the wind we experienced today.

The High F-TR shooter was John Roethlisberger with a 589-28X.  Given the wind another outstanding score.

2017 SMRP – Match 1

Our next match is the May 27, 2017 (the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend), and will be the 2017 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship.