2016 Suburban Mid-Range Prone – May Results

The threat of rain reduced our participation, and admittedly we got a little damp, but eight (8) shooters competed in the first Suburban Mid-Range Prone match for 2016.

We used the electronic targets (SMT) for the entire match, and on the whole had the best results of the year.  Had the battery run out on one, but that was a simple fix (a fresh battery).  Another worked for about 50 shots, and then decided to go on the fritz.  However, the others all worked flawlessly.

Five (5) F-Class shooters were lead by John Roethlisberger with a 596-35X.  Scott Burr was chasing him with a 593-18X.  John was still using John Pierce’s rifle.  Have to wonder how much longer that will last.

In the Any Rifle, Peter Church lead the way with a 596-34X, followed by Jake Bondy with a 594-27X.

Results are here:

SMRP Match 1