2016 Match Schedule

The 2015 Match Schedule for the Midland County Sportsman’s Club is now posted. Click on the “Events” tab and the matches are arranged by date.  Included are the Winter League (mentioned in a previous note), the Suburban Mid-Range League (summer), the Michigan Fullbore Championship, the Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship, the Halloween BSA Charity Match, and the Annual Foul Weather.

We believe the majority of these matches will be held using Silver Mountain Targets. We ask that you bring devices that can be used to access the computer system to use during the match.  Both the shooter and the score keeper will require devices.

From our past experience most (almost all) Smart Phones (iPhone, Androids, etc.) can be used, as well as iPads, and other tablets.  By the time the majority of these matches are held we hope to be able to support the “Paper White Kindles”.  Those have the advantage of being more visible in bright light.

We believe we have a good program for matches this year.  Moreover, with the addition of the electronic targets we believe we will be able to run matches quickly and accurately.

Hope to see you on the line!