2015 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League – Match 5

Okay, it was the 17th of October.  It felt like the 17th of December.  We started in the mid-thirties, and ended in the low forties.  However, with the wind it was at times biting.  With everyone and their uncle on the way to Phoenix for the F-Class Nationals, attendance was light.

Four sling shooters, and 1.33 F-classers.  Just enough for an equal number of shooters and pit pullers.

Jake Bondy continues to drill ’em with his .223, a nice 598-35X to lead the sling shooters.  Tony Perry was the high of the 1.33 F-classers with a 540-4X.  Ray Gross was the 1/3 shooter, he only fired one twenty shot string.

2015 SMRP Match 5

Did I mention the near snow (ice crystals) that was falling when we finished?  Frankly, I was pleased to get back into my warm Mustang, and wasn’t tempted at all to put the top down.

Next match is the Halloween BSA Charity Match on November 7, 2015.  Come on out, and bring your friends.  We will get pit service, and the Explorer Crew from Midland should make some money to assist in their activities for 2015-2016.