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Had seven (7) shooters at Howell today for an additional match.  Here are the up to date results so far this season:

2019-20 Snow Country Match 1

2019-20 Snow Country Match 2

2019-2020 Snow Country Match 3

Dates December 2019:  Monroe - 14, Howell - 21, Muskegon - 28.  Program is here:  2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series

Plenty of time to complete the series this season.  Come on out!

On a cold day on the 30th of November 2019, four (4) stalwart souls came to the Midland County Sportsman's Club and fired the "Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match".

With three categories and four shooters, we end up with three winners, and one second.  The winners were:  Mike Ruhlman, F-Open 391-15X; Second Place F-Open was Tony Dekelaita with a 389-9X; Doug Boyer, F-TR with a 394-17X (with a 200-9X on his first string - the only clean of the day), and Ray Gross, Sling Prone with a 390-17X.

2019 Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match

With the possible exception of a New Year's Eve Match, this is the end of the outdoor matches for 2019.  We will start up with the Winter Mid-Range after the 1st of March.

However, for you 22 shooters, we fire F-Class and sling prone all winter with the Snow Country English Match Series.  Program is here:  2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, we held our annual Halloween BSA Charity Match on the Midland County Sportsman's Club. The day looked worse than it was. On the drive up there was spotty rain.  When we arrived at the club there was spotty rain.  However, it cleared off and other than being a bit cool (I define a "bit cool" as I didn't feel like I needed gloves) it was a decent day to shoot.

We had a disappointing eleven (11) shooters, so we were finished by noon.  F-Open was won by Bret Solomon with a 597-37X.  F-TR was won by John Pierce with a 593-30X, besting Doug Boyer by 2X.  Target rifle was won by Mike Quillinan with a 597-34X.

2019 Halloween BSA Charity match

Bret Solomon (far right) presents checks to members of Explorer Crew 7772 at the completions of the 2019 Halloween BSA Charity Match.
2019 Winners: (left to right), Bret Solomon, F-Open; Mike Quillinan, Any Rifle (sling); and John Pierce, F-TR.

The next match planned at the MCSC is the Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match on November 30, 2019.  Program is here:  2019 Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match.

On October 13, 2019 we held the final match of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone League for 2019.  We had seventeen (17) competitors on a cool, breezy day.

Marcel Bollinger lead the F-Open Shooters with a 598-32X.  John Pierce was high F-TR with a 594-22X, and Ray Gross fired a 597-38X.

2019 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 5

Our next match is the Halloween BSA Charity Match on November 2, 2019. Program is here:  2019 Halloween BSA Charity Match

Attached is the 2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series program.

2019-2020 Snow Country English Match Series

There are a number of changes for 2020:

  • There are three aggregates:
    • Metallic Sights
    • Any Sights
    • F-Class
  • Shoot-off percentages will be based on a twelve person (12) shoot-off.  The relative number of competitors in each shoot-off will be determined by the total numbers in each category.  For planning purposes assume that each category will have four (4) shooters.  However, that number will be adjusted if necessary.
  • As in the past the high four (4) scores will count for the aggregate, and Shoot-Off eligibility.

This is the final program (at least as final as anything else in life is...).

It was just about a perfect day to shoot.  Somewhat cool, somewhat overcast. Temperature was hanging around 70.  Winds were gentle (in fact I shot all three strings without ever looking at the wind, it was almost like shooting gallery).

Unfortunately, no one shot clean for the sixty shots, and the only twenty shot clean was fired by John Pierce shooting F-TR.  Also, John had the high score for the day a 597-30X shooting F-TR.  The high F-Open shooter was Jim Weinrich with a 590-26X.  High any rifle shooter was Leo Cebula (me) with a 595-26X.

2019 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 4

Our next league match is October 12, 2019.  The program is here:  2019 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Championship

On a bright, sunny day, seventeen shooters gathered for the third match of the 2019 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League.  Three (3) sling, seven (7) F-Open, and seven (7) F-TR shooters enjoyed the gentle winds and pleasant temperatures.

High Sling (Any Rifle) shooter was Peter Church, with a perfect 600-33X.  Pete can really shoot his "ratgun" (.223 Remington).  High F-Open was Marcel Bollinger with a 598-26X.  In the F-TR category, Tom Fisher almost had another clean, but got caught for a single nine in the third stage.  As such, he completed with a 599-39X.

2019 Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match 3

Our next match is the Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship scheduled for August 31, 2019.  Program is 2019 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship.