Winter Mid-Range Prone

Match 4 – May
Six shooters on an almost perfect day to shoot. Of the six of us, only Jake Bondy shot a score worthy of note: 200-15X with his 6XC. Excellent score no matter what you used.

2015 WMRP Match 4
Match 3 – April
No particular news (I was out of town).

2015 WMRP Match 3
Match 2 – April
Outstanding day to shoot. Relatively gentle breezes, temperatures in the 40’s, sun (quite bright for good sight pictures). Six shooters enjoyed the day. Two sling, four F-Class.

2015 WMRP Match 2
Match 1 – March
An interesting day. The weather man had given up on rain, but when we arrived at the range, there was rain. Not a lot of rain, but rain nonetheless. After about a 45 minute delay, we finally got started, and everyone got to try to work the bugs out of their equipment, and themselves.
John Pierce shooting F-TR seemed to make it happen quicker amongst the F-TR shooters posting a 392-13. Jake Bondy, one of the two sling shooters finished up with another 392, but with only 12 X’s. For the cool overcast conditions both did well.

2015 WMRP Match 1