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As of March 24, 2018 the Snow Country English Match Series is complete.  Below you will find the final results.

2018 Snow Country Match 1

2018 Snow Country Match 2

2018 Snow Country Match 3

2018 Snow Country Match 4

2018 Snow Country Match 5

2018 Snow Country Match 6

2018 Snow Country Aggregate

The following persons are invited to the 2018 Snow Country Shoot-Off:

  • Sling Shooters:  Kevin Nevius, Gary Duda, Leo Cebula, Matt Gorby, Dan Altman, Jamie Root, Jason Piatek.  
  • F-Class Shooters:  Al Moore, Joe Kennedy, Josh Moore, Ed Gostomski

The Shoot-Off will be held on April 7, 2018 at the Jackson County Sportsman's Club (see Snow Country Program for address and directions).  We will start no later than 9:00 AM (however, if everyone has arrived and is ready we could start earlier).  The Shoot-Off course of fire will be two sixty (60) shot matches fired in stages of twenty (20) shots with Any Sights.


Mom Nature decided to give us another nice day.  Although it was 23 F when I opened the range at about 9:10 AM, by the time we were shooting it was in the 30's and by the time we finished in the 40's.  For Michigan it was almost tropical.

Fourteen shooters for this match.  High F-TR shooter was John Pierce with a 399-21X.  High F-Open was Jake Oswald with a 396-12X.  Lastly the high sling shooter was Matt Gorby with a 398-25X.

2018 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 2

The next potential match is March 24, 2018.  Watch here for details.

We had a good turnout for the first Winter Mid-Range Prone league match on March 3, 2018.  Twelve (12) shooters turned out.  The high scorer was F-TR competitor John Roethlisberger with a 397-19X.  The high F-Open was Scott Burr with a 395-20X.  High sling was Chris Whitney with a 399-16X.

It was notable that Chris fired his first 600 yard clean with a legal service rifle in his first stage, a 200-12X.  Good job, Chris!

2018 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 1

Well, we did it.  We fired another New Year's Eve Rifle Match.  This was a 2x600, and everyone completed.  Admittedly, when I looked at the temperature just after finishing breakfast with Ray Gross and Bret Solomon, I was a little concerned:

Here is what I saw:

Somehow, I didn't think it would warm up to 30 degrees F by 10:00 AM, when the match was scheduled to start.  However, my confidence that we would not be struck by lightening was very good (why Weather Bug thought it was important that the nearest lightening strike was 1568 miles away, I don't know).

However, we countered with a tent, and two heaters (one a central space heater, and the other a Salamander that projected heat).  So the eight (8) competitors who arrived to shoot were able to experience a better day than was obvious

For as low as the temperature was, the only real complaints were numb trigger fingers, and uncomfortable feet.  By the way, it warmed up to about 3 degrees F by the time we finished.  Quite a match.

The high F-TR shooter was Ray Gross with a 397-17X.  High Sling Shooter was Leo Cebula with a 395-21X, and high F-Open shooter was Bret Solomon with a 391-17X.  Each were awarded with a bottle of sparkling wine (in keeping with the time of the year).

Complete results:  2017 New Year's Eve Rifle Match Results


It rained on the way up to the range, and then it cleared.  Then as the last shooters were finishing it rained again.  Thankfully not hard, but enough to get everyone damp.  So the match lived up to its namesake:  Annual Foul Weather.

We had ten (10) shooters, unfortunately only seven (7) turned in score cards.  So the results shows a couple of F-Opens, a few F-TRs and a couple Slings.  The high F-Open was Eric Fabus with a 394-18X.  The high F-TR shooter was Ray Gross with a 398-20X.  Lastly, for the first time in a number of years, the high sling shooter was Leo Cebula with a 399-23X.

The final results are here:

2017 Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match

This completes our normal outdoor events for 2017.  However, depending on weather we have the potential of running a New Year's Eve match.  Watch this spot for details.

Just for a little color, Ray Gross and his Golden Retriever puppy in the pits at MCSC:



The dates for the 2018 Snow Country English Match Series have been posted for Monroe, Muskegon, and and Jackson.  Look over the program at:  2018 Snow Country English Match Series.

This year we have one notable change:  All matches will be Any Sight.  This change was made to accommodate high power rifle shooters who compete in Service Rifle (CMP) or Cross the Course matches, which have changed to all any sight.  Moreover, it provides a degree of simplicity for all shooters.

On a chilly, partially sunny morning the 2017 Halloween BSA Charity Match was conducted.  We had nine (9) shooters, and five members of Venture Crew 7772 from Midland in attendance.

The high score for the day, and high sling shooter (Any Rifle) was Mike Quillinan with a 596-29X.  The high F-TR shooter was Doug Boyer with a 596-25X.  High F-Open was a 595-28X.

In total $430 was raised for the Crew, with the majority a donation from Solomon Diving.

Venture Crew 7772 Member accepting donation checks from Bret Solomon, Solomon Diving

A Venture Crew Member firing Doug Boyer's F-TR Rifle after the match completed.

The Final Results:

2017 Halloween BSA Charity Match Results

We have one more scheduled match outdoors at Midland for 2017.  That is the Annual Foul Weather Match scheduled for November 25, 2017.  That will be a 2x600, and will start at 10:00 AM (vice the usual 9:00 AM).  The program can be reviewed here.


Well, notwithstanding looking like we would drown in the heavy rain fall, three intrepid shooters showed up.  Whether they were just looking for an excuse to get out of the house, I won't comment.  However, we checked the app "Dark Sky" and it told us we had an hour of no rain fall.  So we put up two targets and shot.

Starting about at 9:30 AM, we finished at about 10:45.  All three of us had fired our sixty shots (in some cases more).  Importantly, until the last ten minutes it hadn't rained.  When it started to rain it was only a slow drizzle.  Just enough to make you damp.

At any rate we had two F-Open shooters, and one Sling.  The high score for the day was an F-Open shooter, Terry Scurlock with a 591-22X.

I don't know if it was the fact that we had dodged the weather, or if people just wanted to shoot, but everyone left the range smiling.  I guess that made it worth it.

2017 SMRP - Match 6

Please note the next match at Midland is the Halloween BSA Charity Match.  It will be held on October 28, 2017.  It is a 3x600, and scoring will be provided by the Midland Explorer Crew.  The program is available here.

It was September, but it was hot, like August hot.  With the F-Class Nationals starting I didn't expect a huge number of shooters.  We had twelve, which is a pretty good turn-out.

After the software upgrade, and antenna replacements, we had only minor problems with a single target, and those were resolved with a reboot.  So we were able to complete all of the shots for all of the competitors by about 12:30 PM.

For a change we had a lot of F-Open shooters, the high shooter was Steve Goyette with a 594-28X.  For sling shooters, Chris Whitney was high shooter with a 597.34X, closed with an outstanding 200-17X in the last stage.

Even with the heat, it was a good day.  Our next match will be on October 14, 2017.


2017 SMRP - Match 5

On Saturday, September 2, 2017 the 2017 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship was conducted at the Midland County Sportsman's Club (MCSC).  We saw a day where the temperature went from 38 degrees F to the low 70's and mostly sunny.  The result was twenty-seven (27) competitors, which may be the highest turn-out for a MCSC match, and the longest day I can remember.

For that we had some degree of drama, both from the competitors chasing state championships, and from electronic targets that chose to be fickle on the low end of the line.  The target issues were resolved at 500, but then cropped up again in spades at 600 yards.  We finally re-squadded shooters from target one to other targets to complete the 600 yard stage of the championship.

In the Any Rifle category (Sling Shooters), we saw Peter Church and Bob Steketee separated by X's moving back to the 600 yard line.  When the dust settled Peter finished with a perfect score 600 with 40 X's, besting Bob's 599 with 37 X's.

There was another performance by a sling shooter of note.  Jamie Root, fired a 200 with 18 X's.  If you are an old guy (like me), you can remember when the National Record for twenty shots at 600 yards was 200-18 for about a hundred years (I exaggerate only a little, it was the record for a long time).

In the F-TR category, Josh Moore set the pace finishing with a 596-32X.  He was chased by Bob Lorenz:  595-29, and 13 year old Sydnie Lipski, who had a 595-28.

In the F-Open category, Aaron Alexander was the high shooter with a 596-33X, besting Jake Oswald with a 592-27X.

We were pleased to see four (4) Juniors competing in today's match.  They finished as follows:

no First Name Last Name Agg X's
1 Sydnie Lipski 595 28
2 Allen Cox 563 24
3 Connor Parsons 546 9
4 Izabelle Bender 510 3

Final Results:

2017 Mid-Range Prone Championship Results

Our congratulations to Peter Church, Michigan Mid-Range Prone Any Rifle Champion, Aaron Alexander, Michigan Mid-Range Prone F-Open Champion, Josh Moore, Michigan Mid-Range Prone F-TR Champion, and Sydnie Lipski the Michigan Mid-Range Prone Junior Champion.  Commemorative plaques are being ordered and hopefully will be available for delivery on September 23 (next league match).

This completed our last registered match for the year.  However, we have a couple more league matches for 2017 and two-three "special matches" left for the year.  Our next league match in on September 23, 2017 followed on October 14, 2017 by the last league match for 2017.  Both will be a 3x600s.  For special matches we have our Halloween BSA Charity Shoot tentatively on October 26, 2017, then our Annual Foul Weather on November 25, 2017, and lastly the New Year's Eve Match on December 31, 2017 (we occasionally actually have this one...).  Be sure to check the events tab on this site for information about the upcoming matches.