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On a sunny, but surprisingly cool morning (try 33 F in September), we had twelve (12) shooters compete in the third Suburban Mid-Range Prone match of 2020.

Ray Gross shot the score he should have shot two weeks ago in the State Mid-Range Prone Championship. However, today he busted a 600-39Xs. It certainly wasn't Ray's first 600, and hopefully not his last either. It was a very nice score from a .223 Palma Rifle.

Mike Ruhlman was high F-Open with a 597-34X. Lastly Doug Boyer was the only F-TR shooter, and finished with a 573-8X, a far cry from his State Championship finish. We have to wonder what broke.

The 2020 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship was held on Saturday, September 5, the year of the Coronavirus (2020). There was a few of milestones reached for this match:

  1. The largest turnout we have ever had. We had 32, which is capacity. We have had matches prior that filled to capacity the week before, but with "morning of" cancelations we had never had a full line before.
  2. During this match we added competitor 424 in our database (Robert O'Donnel). At the same time we had competitor 1 from the database (Ed Gostomski) as a competitor.
  3. For the first time in a long, long time, we had more sling shooters than F-class (Thank you, Jamie Root!).
  4. We had sufficient entries to have awards for five categories: F-Open, F-TR, Any Rifle, Palma Rifle, and Service Rifle.

The day was overcast and ultimately rainy. After a vote was conducted it was decided to shoot the entire match at 600 yards, and to deploy our rain covers on the line. So, you tended to get damp when you weren't shooting, but you and your equipment stayed dry while you were shooting.

So, we have quite a list of winners:

Any Rifle: Chris Whitney with a 599-37X, out Xing Matt Wieczorek who posted a 599-25X.

F-open: Mike Ruhlman wins in a run away with 598-34X besting Dave Strycharz with a 593-25X.

F-TR: Doug Boyer with a score almost high enough to win in F-Open 598-33X. It was a contest with Austin Nelson finishing second with a 596-34X.

Palma: Hanne Brantner won the Palma Category with a dominating 598-39X over Jamie Root with a 593-29X. Since Hanne is not a Michigan Resident, Jamie is named high Michigan Palma Shooter.

Service Rifle: Tim Plowman fired a 587-20 besting Brock Murphy who fired a 583-22X. Unfortunately, neither Tim nor Brock are Michigan Residents, so Gordon Mason is named high Michigan Service Rifle Shooter.

On Saturday the 18th of July 2020, we got together for the second Mid-Range Prone Match of the 2020 season. If all had been well, this would have been fired on July 4, 2020, and the Michigan Fullbore Championship would have been fired on May 23rd. However, thanks to Coronavirus that was not to be.

At any rate, this was the third weekend in a row that had a match on it. The 4th was the Fullbore Championship, the 11th and 12th was the Michigan Long range championship, and finally the 18th was this match. That kept the turnout low. Six (6) Shooters, and only five (5) scorecards turned in.

Our day was increasingly warm, and humid. However, we pulled out the awnings and we were able to cover the line and finished by 11:30 AM. As payment for the heat and humidity, Mother Nature gave us easy conditions. For a couple of strings, it felt like weather to check your zero in.

The High Target Rifle Shooter was Ray Gross with a 597-32X, beating Jamie Root, 597-25 by seven (7) "X's". The high and only F-Open shooter was Marcel Bollinger with a 592-22X.

After a coronavirus delay of about seven (7) weeks the 2020 Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship was finally held. Twenty-one (21) shooters participated in this years event. We had eight (8) F-Open shooters, five (5) F-TR shooters, seven (7) Target Rifle (Sling) shooters, and one Mid-Range prone shooter with an Any Rifle who shot for fun.

The F-Open was a contest between Marcel Bollinger and Al Barnhart. Marcel was victorious with a 447-22X to Al's 446-29X.

In F-TR, Paul Phillips dominated the field firing a 445-23X compared to his second place challenger, Tom Martelle who posted a 441-21X.

In the Target Rifle (Sling) category it was a run for the money between visiting Hanne Brantner from Pennsylvania and Midland local, Ray Gross. Hanne was the winner with a 449-28X over Ray's 448-29X. Per Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association rules, Hanne cannot be named Michigan Champion due to residency. As a result, Ray is named the Target Rifle Champion.

2020 Fullbore Champions: (left to right); Paul Phillips, F-TR Champion; Hanne Brantner, Target Rifle Winner; Ray Gross, Target Rifle Champion. Not Pictured: Marcel Bollinger, F-Open Champion.

We had sixteen (16) shooters turn out for the first Suburban Mid-Range Prone Match of 2020. Normally, we would have started in May, but due to Governor Whitmer's executive orders in response to the Coronavirus Crisis we were not allowed to conduct any matches.

Conditions were pleasantly cool, and sunny. However, we were dealing with a strong, gusty wind. From those who tried to dope it, many commented that it was almost undopeable.

There were some interesting scores fired. Jamie Root was the high sling shooter with a 597-26X. Of note, is his closest competitor was twelve (12) points behind. I believe Jamie was benefiting from a hard hold, and nuclear 223 handloads (MZ over 3100 fps with 85.5 Bergers).

in the F-Open Category Marcel Bollinger bested the pack with a 590-26X. He too was seven (7) points ahead of his closest challenger.

Finally, in F-TR Tom Fisher was high with a 583-15X, a handy fifteen (15) points of his nearest competitor.

The next match at Midland will be the Michigan Fullbore Prone Championship, postponed from May 23 to July 4, 2020. The program is:

Per the Governor's orders regarding the Coronavirus Crisis all matches are canceled until May 15, 2020. This includes matches scheduled for April 25, 2020, and May 9, 2020.

If the spread of the virus abates such that groups of more than 10 are allowed, it is possible the May 23, 2020 Fullbore State Championship will run as scheduled. If not, we will likely postpone until later in the year.

Stay at home and stay healthy!

Below are the final grand aggregate standings for this year's Snow Country. A couple of points to clarify the standing and results:

  1. Due to the COVID-19 crisis we have canceled the Shoot-Off for this year. It may have been possible that Governor Whitmer would eliminate the "Stay-at-home" order prior to the 18th, but we suspect that we will still have prohibitions on being closer than six (6) feet to our fellow man. So the Shoot-Off is canceled. The funds normally expended for the Shoot-Off have been rolled into the final awards total.
  2. For the first time this year's league began with four categories: F-Class, Sling-Irons, Sling-Scope, and Collegiate/Junior. We had dissimilar entries in those categories, so for the Grand Aggregate the Sling-Irons and Sling-Scope were rolled together. However, for awards in the individual matches they were kept separate. As a result for Sling-Irons, and Sling-Scope there are awards paid for matches 1-4 and the grand aggregate. For F-Class there are awards paid for matches 1-6 and the grand aggregate. For Collegiate/Junior the top three competitors in the grand aggregate will receive Trophy Plaques.
  3. Due to limited entries in F-Class, Sling-Scope, Sling-Irons awards are being paid as follows:
    1. F-Class, first, second, and third in matches 1-4. First and second in matches 5-6.
    2. For both sling categories first was paid in matches 1-4.
  4. The checks will be mailed this next week (March 30, 2020).
  5. In the following awards list, those shown in Bold would have been invited to the League Shoot-Off. Those persons will receive a 2020 Snow Country Shoot-Off T-Shirt. The T-Shirts will either be mailed or handed out at matches later this year, after the 6' zone of exclusion is lifted.
KelleyNeeleyF-Class Prone26250
EdGostomskiF-Class Prone26230
AlMooreF-Class Prone26230
SteveGoyetteF-Class Prone26200
SteveJonesF-Class Prone25810
BretSolomonF-Class Prone25800
DaveStrycharzF-Class Prone25680
MarkJavitF-Class Prone25250
JimWeinrichF-Class Prone25250
DaleDoornbosF-Class Prone23760
LeroyMcCormickF-Class Prone21460
CharlesHayesF-Class Prone6270

At the action of the Board of Directors of the Midland County Sportsman's Club and in observance of Governor Whitmer's executive order on COVID-19 the club is CLOSED until March 31, 2020.

As a result this match is canceled. If the club reopens in April, we will conduct the three Winter League matches (4th, 11th, 25th) planned.