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Okay, the matches for March are complete.

Results to date:

2017 SC Match 1 - Irons

2017 SC Match 2 - Irons

2017 SC Match 3 - Irons

2017 SC Match 4 - Any

2017 SC Match 5 - Any

2017 SC Match 6 - Any

Final regular season results:

2017-03-18 SC Aggregate

Congratulations to Kevin Nevius on winning the regular season aggregate.

Shoot-Off, April 1, 2017:

The 2017 Snow Country Shoot-Off will be held at the Jacksons County Sportsman's Club on April 1, 2017.  The range will open at 8:00 AM.  We will commence fire no later than 9:00 AM.

The following shooters are invited to the Shoot-Off:

Kevin Nevius
Ken Potter
Dan Altman
Leo Cebula
Gary Duda
Jacob Bondy
Matt Gorby
Richard Pardini
Jamie Root
Jason Piatek

For Highpower Mid-Range Prone, watch for Winter League dates at Midland County Sportsman's Club. Program:  2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.

Frankly, the weather was wonderful.  Just plain wonderful.  You could not believe it was February.  Well, except for the ice:

First time in my life that I wore ice crampons to shoot a rifle match.  Wasn't necessary on the line, but on the back of the firing mound, it was slippery from the unmelted ice.

For an early winter match we had a fair turn-out:  six shooters.








Then we had some education, between Ray Gross and Bret Solomon.  This revolved around how to deploy a Lab Radar to pick up the velocity of the bullet.   They were successful (which puts 'em ahead of me, I still haven't got mine working).








Finally, we did shoot:

2017 WMRP - Match 1

No comments on the performance.  Its still the middle of winter in Michigan, and everyone was guessing about loads, and trying to remember to sight with right or left eye.....

The Winter League program (2x600) is here:   2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program


We have established the following dates for the 2017 summer season:

Suburban Mid-Range Prone League:  May 6, June 10, July 15, August 12, September 23, October 14.

Annual Foul Weather:  November 25

Fullbore State Championship:  May 17

Mid-Range State Championship:  September 2

All of those matches are listed in the "Events" tab on this site, with their programs.

Remember, every weekend in March and April is shown as a potential shoot for the Winter Mid-Range league.  We will announce on every Friday whether the match will be held on the following Saturday or not.

The program for the 2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League is available:   2017 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.

The league will operate on Saturday mornings in March and April of 2017 depending on the weather.  If the temperature is greater than 30 degrees F, and the wind-chill shows a felt temperature of greater than 25 degrees F, and it is not raining (snow is okay!), then the match will run.  In order to give every one an opportunity to attend, we will make the call to run or not on the Friday preceding the match by 9:00 AM, where possible.

This league opens the potential to get out and check out new equipment, or to just shake the cobwebs out of your gear.

Although the weather tends to be somewhat variable during the months of March and April, we generally find at least three (3) dates to shoot, often more.

Well, it happened.  Favorable weather occurred for the New Year's Eve Match. Unfortunately, I was under the weather and couldn't attend.

However, we had five shooters, four of which reported scores.

2016 New Years Eve Match Final Results

Some surprisingly good scores for cold weather.

Lastly, we now have the technology to show scores as fired in the 600 Yard Range club house (which is heated....).

The Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match was held at the Midland County Sportsman's Club on November 26, ,2016.  The day started out cool, but sunny.  Unfortunately, as the day progressed it became overcast, and the temperature began to drop.

Five shooters in total competed, Three F-TR and two sling any rifle shooters.  The high F-TR shooter was Scott Burr with a 396-17X.  High sling shooter was Jake Bondy with a 398-17X.



On a late October day that could best be described as a one in thousand, we were dry, and almost 70, we had ten (10) shooters, and five (5) Explorers. We used four (4) Silver Mountain Targets and the five explorers as score keepers. Basically, we had a good time, and our targets worked flawlessly.

The high F-TR shooter was Doug Boyer, with a 588-15. The high any rifle (Sling) shooter was Jake Bondy, with a 598-29.


Based upon a generous contribution from Solomon Diving, and the proceeds of the match, a total of $400 was presented to the members of the Midland Explorer Crew by Ray Gross.



The 6th and final match of the 2016 Mid-Range Prone League was held at the Midland Sportsman's Club on October 16, 2016.  Six competitors competed in the match, four sling and two F-Class.  The day started  with cool but clear skies in the morning, but got dark and felt like it was doing to rain during match 3. Every now and then a little wind would come through that could give you a wide 10.

Peter Church continues to amaze with another 599.  This one with 37X.  He was the high Any Rifle shooter.  Mike Quillinan, firing a scoped service rifle posted a 593-23X for the high service rifle category shooter.

Bob Lorenz fired a 595-30 with a "mid-range tactical rifle" for high F-Class.


Note that on October 29th we will be running our annual Halloween BSA Charity Match.  This year with the electronic targets we will be using members of the Midland Explorer Crew to keep score.  A portion of the match proceeds will be donated to the Crew, as well as a major donation from Solomon Diving.  The program is available at the following link:

2016 Halloween BSA Charity Match

Come on out.  Past experience is only about 10% of these matches has really sucky weather.  The other 90% are just Michigan fall days, which as a rule are decent, but cool.

On Saturday, September 3, 2016 we had a spectacular day for a shoot.  Gentle winds, sunny, nice temperature in the 70's, and the biggest turn out in over a decade (last one this big was a Charity match that ended up being only 15 shots due to the worst weather we've ever shot in).

We experienced a lot of issues with our targets.  There appeared to be issues with WIFI connectivity at the 300 yard line, and two targets that would not record hits.  After multiple reboots, and some temporary resquadding, we managed to muddle through only two yard lines.  All competitors have our apologies for the problems.  We will continue to work with the manufacturer to resolve our issues.

Nonetheless, some very good scores were fired.  In the F-TR category, John Roethlisberg out Xed Tom Hagle with a 398-23X over a 398-15X. John becomes the 2016 Michigan Mid-Range Prone F-TR Champion.  Tailing those two was Bob Lorenz with a 394-22X.

In the Any Rifle category, Gary Duda out paced the crowd with a 397-22X besting second place Jake Bondy by one "X".  Gary becomes the 2016 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Any Rifle Champion.  It is notable that Gary is in his 60's, and winning his first State Championship.  Watch out for those old guys....



John Roethlisber and Tom Hagle shaking hands after the match.  John won the State F-TR Mid Range Prone Championship on X's.


Gary Duda being congratulated by Leo Cebula from MCSC on winning the State Any Rifle Mid-Range Prone Championship.


Jake Bondy being congratulated by Leo on second place in the State Any Rifle Mid-Range Prone Championship.