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At the action of the Board of Directors of the Midland County Sportsman's Club and in observance of Governor Whitmer's executive order on COVID-19 the club is CLOSED until March 31, 2020.

As a result this match is canceled. If the club reopens in April, we will conduct the three Winter League matches (4th, 11th, 25th) planned.

Once again we had seven (7) shooters come out for a Winter Mid-Range Prone match.  The weather was better than the last one by about 6 degrees F.  Moreover, we noticed no COVID-19 virus beastie's in the area.  We did however, shake hands by banging elbows.

The conditions were very good for shooting with just a little drift noticeable.  The high F-Open was Mike Ruhlman with a 390-15X.  He was closely chased by Tony Dekelaita with a 388-11X.  High Palma Rifle shooter was Ray Gross with a 399-28X.  Leo Cebula was chasing  Ray until he fired a shot on Ray's target.  Then it was time to test loads with the 85.5 Bergers. Velocity looked good, but can't seem to get two of them to hit the same hole.

Notably, we had two new shooters, Dave Monette, and his son Jake.  They fired F-Open for their first match.  I suspect we will see a singular improvement when they come up for their second shoot.

The results:

2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone - Match 3

The next scheduled match is on March 28, 2020.  Program is:  2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program

This is the first results for the Winter Mid-Range League you will find.  We tried to shoot once previously, but were snowed out (couldn't see the targets).

Today we had seven (7) shooters.  Frankly, we had a good time.  The temperature outside was about 28 F.  Inside we guesstimate it was in the 50's F.  No cold hands, stocking hats unnecessary, no shivering.  Just a pleasure to shoot inside.

However, outside the winds of February were switchy enough to cause sling shooters to fire eights.  The high F-Open was Tony Dekelaita with a 391-10X, High F-TR was Tom Fisher with a 377-8X, and high Palma Rifle was Ray Gross with a 393-21X.

Complete Results:

2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone - Match 2

Well, we tried.  Under normal circumstances we would have started shooting at 9:00 AM.  However, because this is the Winter Mid-Range we started at 10:00. Unfortunately, by 10:00 AM the snow had started, and after just a few shots, the targets were no longer visible.  We waited until after 11:00 AM, and from the weather maps things were not going to get better.

The Targets are UP!

So we called it off.  The next Winter Mid-Range Prone match is scheduled for February 29, 2020.  The program is 2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.

The Midland County Sportsman's Club will be running their annual Winter Mid-Range Prone League again this year. The matches are unlimited sighters, and twenty (20) shots for record at 600 yards on electronic targets (Shot Markers).

As in years past, weather will dictate whether or not the match will be run on any particular date.  However, no longer will temperature be the primary reason that matches will be canceled.  Due to the large tent we are able to fire on points three (3) to seven (7) from a heated tent.  However, we will cancel in the case of rain to preserve the targets and electronics.  Additionally, hazardous driving conditions may cause cancelations, too.

The dates chose are:  February 1, and 29; March 14 and 28; April 4, 11, and 25.

Program:  2020 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program

Ray Gross smiling standing inside of the tent with the heater in the background.

Once again we will test Mother Nature, and plan a New Year's Eve Rifle Match.

This will be a 2x600, and be fired from our heated tents on the 600 yard line.  We will not cancel due to temperature (we ran at -5 F one year).  However, extreme driving conditions could cause a cancelation.

Program:  2019 New Year's Eve Rifle Match

If you haven't done it before, you owe it to yourself to come out an try it.  It is an experience!

We had a small turnout for today's match. Only four (4) competitors. We were greeted with low 40's and high winds.  Aside from that, it was a pleasant shoot....

We had one each F-Open and F-TR, so those shooters are the high in their category: F-Open - Tony Dekeliata with a 386-10X, F-TR - Charley Hayes with a 374-8X.  In the sling category (Target Rifle) we had two Luddites (using metallic sighted Palma Rifles).  Ray Gross was high with points with a 397-17X, and Leo Cebula with high with "X's" with a 396-18X.  I guess you could argue that everybody won today.

2019 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Match 3

The next potential date is April 20, 2019, which would be Easter Saturday.  Usually a good day for a rifle match.  Program is:  2019 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program


On December 31, 2018 eight (8) shooters made it to the Midland Sportman's Club for the annual New Year's Eve Rifle Match. Unlike last year where the starting temperature was -5 F, this year we had relatively pleasant temperatures in the low 30's, and inside the tent it was probably approaching 50 F (nearby the heater, of course).

A few snap-shots of the competitors:

Results:  2018 New Year's Eve Match

High Sling Shooter was Ray Gross with a 397-21X.  High F-TR was Tom Fisher with a 398-23X.  High F-Open shooter was Tony Dekelaita with a 397-21X (I suppose we could be caty and mention that he was the only F-Open shooter, too).

That was our last match of 2018 (there wasn't anything left of the year).  We will likely begin the Winter league in March.  The program and dates are available here: 2019 Winter Mid-Range Prone League Program.

If the weather is "frightful" you may want to consider the Snow Country English Match Series:  2018 Snow Country English Match Series.


With the move of a day from Saturday to Friday, we had a much lower turnout than last year, only six (6) shooters.  However, those chosen few enjoyed moderately warm temperatures and a sunny day.

The high F-Open was M. Ruhlman with a 393-10X.  High and only F-TR was Scott Burr with a 398-17X (also, high F-Class shooter for the day).  High sling shooter (Palma Rifle) was Ray Gross with a 398-22X.

2018 Annual Foul Weather Rifle Match

A couple pictures of what we found at the range:

The shooter in the foreground isn't swearing at the snow, just putting on his jacket.




This match was the last outdoor match scheduled for 2018.  As we get closer to New Year's Eve we will evaluate whether or not to run a New Year's Eve Shoot.

However, in the interim, try the 2018 Snow Country English Match Series.  Look in "Events" for locations and course of fire:  Program is 2018 Snow Country English Match Series.