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Well, it was supposed to be warm, and I suppose it was sorta warm, in the low 40's. However, we didn't count upon the wind, which was 10-15 MPH, and added a chill to make your hands uncomfortable.  So scores were a bit lower than expected.

High F-TR shooter was Josh Moore with a 390-12X.  High Any Rifle shooter was Peter Church with a 393-23X.

2018 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 5

Our next match will be the start of the Suburban Mid-Range Prone League on May 12, 2018.  That will be followed by the Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship on May 26, 2018 (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend).  The programs are available:

2018 Suburban Mid-Range Prone League

2018 Michigan Fullbore Rifle Championship

Please note the Fullbore Prone Championship is limited to 25 competitors (five relays on five targets).  If you are interested go to the Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association web site, and enter.

We had a glorious day at Midland for Match 4.  The lowest temperature we experienced was in the 40's, and we had not even a hint of rain.  We had eighteen (18) competitors for our first good weather Winter League Match of 2018.

The High sling shooter (Any rifle) was  Peter Church with a 397-17X.  High F-TR Shooter was:  John Roethelistberger with a 398-18X.

2018 Winter Mid-Range Prone Match 4


On a cold day in April, we conducted the Annual Snow Country English Match Series Shoot-Off.  For the first time we had a Shoot-Off for F-Class competitors as well as Any Rifle (Sling) competitors.

As a result we proportioned the invitations based upon the relative proportion of competitors for each category.  As such we invited seven (7) Any Rifle, and four (4) F-Class shooters.

The Any Rifle Winner was Kevin Nevius with an 1184-68X, followed by Leo Cebula, 1180-60X, and Dan Altman with a 1179-58X.  For the F-Class competitors, Josh Moore was Winner with a perfect 1200-109X, chased by Ed Gostomski with a 1197-88X and Al Moore with a 1195-86X.

Kevin Nevius, Any Rifle Winner (Left), and Josh Moore, F-Class Winner (right), flank Leo Cebula, Match Coordinator

Results:  2018 Snow Country Shoot-Off Results